Monday, April 13, 2009

What is Undignified?

Gary McCord got thrown out of the Masters for saying bikini-wax on air.

According to Golfblogger's account of the final round yesterday, Tiger was saying 'bad words' clearly enough to be understood just by reading his lips while the camera was on him.

Is cursing really more acceptable by the 'old guard' at the Masters? What are we teaching the kids these days?

One of my favorite romance authors, Diana Palmer, created a character who cusses using the following colorful phrases: 'fish and chips!' and 'crackers and milk!' The character is a sheriff who has to give talks to kids at the local elementary schools. Perhaps it's time for the Tour or at least the 'old guard' at the Masters to look into promoting alternative frustration management techniques.


GolfBlogger said...

The GolfBlogger was born with a 70% hearing loss and was trained from early on to read lips. Tiger was saying some bad stuff. But to be fair, he's also the only person that had the camera constantly focused on his face. I think we saw more of his face than we did of eventual winner Cabrera's swing.

Miranda said...

To be equally fair - Tiger knows the camera will be on him to the exclusion of everyone else. He should behave a bit better. I'm glad I didn't start watching the final round until after he'd finished for the day. The cameras had to focus on someone else then.

I took a sign language class in school and became pretty good at reading lips since the instructor would mouth the words she was signing. It came in handy when I would watch the teachers whispering gossip in the front of the classrooms. But, I've gotten out of practice since then.