Saturday, June 30, 2007

The Curse is Transferable

I think my Jim Furyk curse has been transferred to Brett Quigley since they were paired together today. You know my curse - the one in which every time I pick Furyk to win, he misses a cut or something equally as terrible happens. Well, it was Brett's turn today as he shot a 75.

On the good side, this tournament is tons more exciting than it would have been if Tiger was playing. If he was playing, the announcers and pundits would have already given him the win and the coverage would be one long tribute to him. With him gone, all these players are out there within just a few shots of the lead with good chances tomorrow to win. You've got players going low every day, this day's low round was Jesper Parnevik's 64.

Friday, June 29, 2007

Buick Open

Brett Quigley is tied for the lead!!!! So, you know who I'm cheering for this weekend.

Kenny Perry shot a 63 and putted very, very well, something like 21 or 22 putts. He will be renewing the discussion on whether or not the belly putter should be banned. My view: if you look at all the golfers who use them and their putting stats, I don't think they putt better than anyone else. If they did, then these guys would be winning a lot more than they do.

The announce people: they can't let one day go by without mentioning Tiger Woods. Isn't it enough that they show his Buick commercials during the tournament? Isn't it enough that they are promoting next week's tournament? Give it a rest, people. I swear, in 40 years, they will be saying, "40 years ago Tiger Woods played here. Let's dust off the archival footage of Tiger because this guy currently on the tee may be able to drive the ball 525 yards on this 850 yard par 5, but he's no Tiger Woods."

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Get Well Wishes

According to this article, PJ's (my puppy's) honorary daddy, Jose Maria Olazabal, has suffered some sort of knee injury and had to withdraw from the European tour event this week in France.
So, get well Jose Maria. Hope to see you at the British Open.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

The PGA Tour and Drug Testing

I haven't had much of an opinion on this issue. That is, until now. As I posted yesterday, it was reported that pro wrestler Chris Benoit, his wife and their son were found dead in their Atlanta home. Now, reports on the internet are saying that Benoit strangled his wife, smothered his son and then hanged himself and these reports claim that investigators are looking into what role steroids could have played in this tragedy. I haven't seen any news reports that definitively state that drugs were involved, but there has been a long listory of drug and steroid use in pro wrestling which has led to many deaths of wrestlers. Yesterday my post said I hoped these deaths would be the result of some blameless cause like carbon monoxide poisoning. That's because I am so tired of hearing about wrestlers and drugs and steroids. I started watching wrestling when I was about 10 or 12 years old and every time I hear one of these stories, it breaks my heart because I know how I felt watching wrestling as a kid and I know what the kids today who look up to these performers are feeling after hearing about the tragic deaths of Benoit and his family.

Even if there is no current problem with drug or steroid use in golf, I believe testing should be instituted. This way, children watching golf and looking up to the players won't have to experience what the kids who follow wrestling are feeling today. You might say, but wrestlers are big guys, they have muscles, steroids are a logical expectation and no one should be surprised. Well, Benoit had a gym in his home. He had no reason to take steroids. Many of these wrestlers work out every day. So, to say golfers have no reason to take steroids or drugs? Well, that argument doesn't really hold water with me.

Do I think a golfer's performance would be enhanced by taking a substance that would be banned with a testing policy? Maybe not. But I call your attention to a news story I heard on CBS News and then later read about on the internet. A cross country runner died of an overdose of an ingredient found in ben-gay and other topical pain medications. Does anyone expect to die from rubbing a lotion on your aching back? With a drug testing policy in place, maybe something like this could be prevented if the toxic ingredient would happen to show up during the test.

I think people need to look beyond the shame factor of drug testing and explore all the benefits a sound testing policy could provide. Lives could be saved and not just the athlete's.

Monday, June 25, 2007

Time To Officially Celebrate

I got the official registration certificates from the CKC today. So, let's officially celebrate the registration of Winnie Garcia and Phoebe Josefine Maria Olazabal (PJ for short).

Another Questionable Statement

Andrew McGee just said that it's unheard of on the PGA tour for a sponsor's exemption to almost win a tournament. Let's go back to 2005 and remember Jason Gore at the 84 Lumber Classic, shall we?

Ups and Downs

UP: Tiger has reportedly posted pictures of his family on his website. I haven't been there but I did see a couple of pictures on Golf Central. I like how he and his wife included the dogs in the family photos.

DOWN: I'm heartbroken to find out that another pro wrestler has died, and this is apparently NOT part of any storyline. According to the WWE website and several other wrestling websites found using google news searches, Chris Benoit, his wife and his son were found dead in their Atlanta home. It's been reported on some websites that Benoit missed Saturday's and Sunday's matches to go home so something must have been going on. I don't mean to sound cold, but when I heard about this I was so hoping the cause would be something innocent like carbon monoxide poisoning. I am so tired of hearing about overdoses and drug related deaths and deaths brought on by years of steroid use. I don't know what the cause of death will be in this case, but whatever it is, the wrestling world has lost not one but two legendary performers in Chris Benoit and Woman.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

A Look At The European Tour

Niclas Fasth won today in Germany. Bernhard Langer tried to win the event, the only event he hasn't won in his home country, but finished T2 with Portugal's Jose Filipe Lima.

Sam Torrance won on the European Senior Tour. And name of the week is courtesy of the Challenge Tour: Robert Dinwiddie.

Exciting Finish to the Travelers Championship

It came down to Hunter Mahan and Jay Williamson and a playoff. At stake: A win on the PGA Tour and an exemption into the Masters next year. By the start of the playoff, Mahan had secured the Fed Ex cup points for first place since Williamson wouldn't be able to collect those (he's a non-member of the tour) and Williamson had essentially locked up his playing privileges for next year with what he would be making for finishing at least second.

Hunter Mahan hit two of the most incredible shots into the 18th green, both in regulation and in the playoff, and made you wonder if he couldn't be a sneaky captain's pick for either the Presidents Cup this year or Ryder Cup next year. If he can go for the pin with that much on the line and get inside Williamson both times, then he's needed for any matchplay event out there.

Mahan finally pulled out the win with the first playoff hole. His first win on the PGA Tour.

My thoughts: I think it ended the way it should have. A win is a win and Williamson had already won an event this year on the Nationwide Tour. It's fair that Mahan gets a win. And Williamson made enough to get his card so his life is turning out well. Also, Mahan has been out on the PGA tour for a number of years, paying his dues. He deserved his win today. Not to mention he finished T2 last year at this event and it seemed appropriate to take the win this year. Plus, Mahan shot a 65 in the final round and Williamson a 66.

Saturday, June 23, 2007

For Those Who Might Be Interested

Dish Network is currently having trouble with the local channels. So, now there are a bunch of channels I'm paying for that I can't watch. And to top it off - I didn't want the local channels to begin with. I have an antenna. Dish Network made me take the local channels.

Wrestling the Wrist Issue

I got to thinking about all the wrist injuries in the news lately: Michelle Wie, Phil Mickelson, some guy at the PGA of America thing, Paula Creamer had one last year. I think Jim Furyk had problems a while back. Remembering back to the early to mid 1990s when I used to watch golf before my boycott, I don't recall anyone having wrist injuries. In fact, I don't recall anyone having any serious injuries at all, except for back injuries of course. So, here's what I'm wondering:

1. Are players today too greedy and are trying to play more risky shots?

2. Could physical fitness be the problem? Are the players' workouts creating some sort of imbalance that's putting more pressure on their wrists?

3. Could improved technology be tricking the players into believing that their great hybrid clubs can produce miracle shots with little or no effort thus making the players careless in their execution or shot selection?

Friday, June 22, 2007

2007 PGA Professional National Championship

I was very excited to find out that West Virginia's Barry Evans was in a tie for 4th after his 13th hole on day 2 of this event. He has a good chance to do well this week and earn a spot at the PGA Championship later in the year. To find the pros from your state, click here.

Back to an Old Hobby

Due to recent technical difficulties with my computer, I bought a 2 gb flash drive and saved all my important stuff on it - pictures, internet bookmarks, and my golf themed romance novel I was writing last year. Well, that, and this year's U. S. Open, got me to thinking that I should get back to working on that novel, so I am. I've finally typed all the chapters and have them printed out and I've proofread the first 9 chapters. Chapters 10 through 15 will need some massive re-working, but hopefully I can make it decent.

The technical difficulties? I got this error message that said "disk boot failure. insert system disk and press enter." Well, I thought my computer had crashed. But mom and dad said they thought that they had gotten that message on mom's e-machine right after they just bought it. They had unplugged all the cords from the CPU and were ready to take it back, but dad had to try one more time and plugged it back up. It worked. So, if anyone ever gets that error message, just unplug everything and wait about a half an hour and then plug it all back up. See if that works. It worked for me.


Well, Dish Network claims they have no control over commercials. They blame the Golf Channel for the near constant interruptions in their programming by those commercials. If it continues today I will have to email the Golf Channel and complain that I'm paying $67.00 a month for a channel I can't watch.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Follow Up to the Previous Post

AT 8:30pm eastern, the golf channel programming was interrupted approximately 4 times in the span of about 10 minutes by commercials. Some of them were commercials advertising Dish Network pay-per-views. So, I have concluded that this is a Dish Network problem. As a result, I sent a complaint email to Dish Network telling them that I didn't appreciate paying $67.00 a month for a channel I can't watch because the programming is being overridden by commercials. And I asked them if there was anything that could be done to make sure that commercials were only shown during the regularly scheduled commercial breaks. This was not a one-time glitch, as I noted previously, this has been going on for a few days that I know of. Maybe longer and I just didn't notice before.

Stealing An Idea from the Armchair Golfer

Miranda Allen Misquotes Kelly Tilghman of the Golf Channel:

"We welcome you back to our first round coverage of the Travelers Championship where we have been constantly interrupted by the same Maxaderm male enhancement commercial. I have it on authority that members of the control room, having finally gotten that phone number written down, are being fired even as we speak. They may not need a prescription, but they will be given a pink slip. Now out to the 13 th hole and ............."

Blogger's Note: I don't know if everyone else experienced this or if it was just Dish Network customers, but the golf coverage was interrupted three times in something like 2 minutes with that stupid commercial today. And that isn't the only time that commercials have interrupted their programming. Morning reairs of Golf Central were also victimized by commercials. It's getting really annoying.

Great Expectations

It seems many people, including Nike/Buick, think that Tiger's little girl will be a golfer when she grows up.

Here's my question: What if she takes after mom and becomes a model? No one's really discussing that.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

CVS/Caremark Charity Classic

Stewart Cink and JJ Henry won the event. Brad Faxon, a favorite of this blog, came in second with his partner Zach Johnson.

The secondary story: The Golf Channel was doing their best to pair up Camillo Villegas and Natalie Gulbis on a romantic level. They kept pointing out that the two were born on the same day, just a year apart, etc. They also said that the two had won 'about' the same amount of money in their careers. Well, there's 'about' a $500,000 difference I think. So, if that doesn't matter to the Golf Channel, then they can just send that $500K to me :)

Faxon's going to have to take us on a tour of his house next year. They keep telling us about his house there at the course but we don't get to learn anything about it. Maybe with the tour, Brad can point out a lamp or something and say "This will be auctioned off on Ebay to benefit the charity." That would be cool.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Media's Sucking Up to Tiger Again

The Golf Channel keeps saying Tiger finished second at the US Open. Well, actually he finished TIED for second. There's a pretty big difference there. Second alone means there was only one man you couldn't beat. TIED for second means there were two men you couldn't beat. And that other guy was Jim Furyk. I'm sure he appreciates being shoved aside and forgotten.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Not To Be Overlooked

Carl Suneson, of Spain, won in France today. It was his first win and he's waited 18 years to get it. You have to admire his dedication to the sport. Check out a news article here.

Cabrera Wins The US Open!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And guess who had him as her sleeper/dark horse pick! Me!!!

Unfortunately, I found that I couldn't watch the whole round today. I was too anxious. And every time I turned the tv over to NBC, they just happened to be showing Tiger Woods. Gee, how could that happen? So, I stayed online today and kept the leaderboard up to check on the progress.

And didn't I mention in yesterday's post that Cabrera had gotten his bad round out of the way and that he could have a good round today the same way he bounced back at Wentworth?

Some notes about the final round: There were only two players under par in the final round, Cabrera and Anthony Kim. Lee Janzen finished T13. Hopefully this will help him with his card this year. As I remember it, he finished out of the top 125 last year. Some players who had better rounds today than yesterday: Cabrera, Fasth, Toms, Dougherty, Verplank, Kelly, Pablo Martin, Olazabal.

Bottom line: I always want the guy who's never won to win something. Share the wealth, so to speak. So, it's really great that Angel Cabrera won. Plus, he's so animated that he's a lot of fun to watch. And his caddie isn't bad to look at.

Question left unanswered: Does Cabrera like his nickname "El Pato"?

Found Another Golf Blog

This one is pretty entertaining. Check out: Pour Me Another One.

Obscure Pondering

While watching the US Open coverage yesterday, the announcers referred to a player from Scotland and called him a Scot. Well, it got me to thinking, if a person from Scotland is a Scot, then why isn't a person from Maryland called a Mary?

On Leaderboards

I wanted to check out the leaderboard for the US Open today so I went to the PGA tour website and looked at their leaderboard. They hadn't updated it and players had been on the course for about 45 minutes. So, I went to the US Open website and consulted their leaderboard. It showed me that the players had indeed started their rounds and were actually playing the final round. I guess the PGA tour's opinion is that the tournament doesn't start until Tiger starts playing or something. I don't know about other fans, but I want to check out the early players to see how the course is playing today so I can have some expectations for the afternoon.

Bottom Line: The PGA Tour website sucks. If you want to know the scores, check out the official US Open Website.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Scary Lexus Commercial

Have you see the Nick Watney/Lexus commercial in which the legends of golf appear? It's scary. Especially after Watney leaves the car and you see one of the legends players smiling into the mirror.

A cuter commercial is the Baby Woods Nike Golf commercial in which the Nike guys are making a set of clubs for the baby.

Found A New (to me) Golf Blog

Check out Green Posse.

Round 3: US Open

How are my picks doing after round 3? Sabbatini is back in the pack, Pablo Martin is back in the pack, Justin Rose is tied for 3rd and Angel Cabrera has had his bad round of the tournament and is 4 shots off the lead.

Aaron Baddeley has a 2 shot lead going in to the final round tomorrow and will be paired with Tiger Woods.

What's going to happen tomorrow? Well yesterday I was willing to consider those 2 to 3 shots off the lead as contenders and that list is: Baddeley, Woods, Ames, Casey, Rose, and Watson. Despite what Johnny Miller said (that the +8s might have a chance) I wonder if 4 shots back is too far back, but those there are Cabrera, Stricker and Furyk.

Thoughts: Cabrera had his bad round today so he might come out and do really well tomorrow. At Wentworth, he shot a 76 in the third round and came back with a 70 in the final round. It would be neat to see Ames win so he could remind Woods of the 9 and 8 thing. hee hee. But I would like to see Baddeley, Casey or Rose win. But if Justin Rose wins, then my pick for him to be the runner up won't hold. I'm willing to be wrong in that case. Justin Rose is a favorite of this blog because he was nice enough to respond personally to a fan email I sent him.

Just to point out something: Baddeley is under 30. Casey is just under 30. Rose is under 30. Watson is under 30. I don't want to hear about how there are no young players out there to challenge Tiger.

Media criticism of the day: On the 8th hole, Bubba was in the lead. The announcer guy said "If he keeps playing well, he might have a spot in the final group with Tiger." Tiger wasn't in the lead, it was completely inappropriate to disregard all the players playing in the tournament and just promote Tiger to the final round. It was way too early in the round to just say all those players weren't going to make it. Because you know what? Aaron Baddeley did. These announcers are supposed to be experts on golf. Well, gee, anyone can sit there with a microphone and say Tiger's going to be in the final group. Doesn't take any experience at playing golf for that. They might as well hire rejects from The Apprentice to cover golf events for NBC.

Not watching the Live From coverage on the golf channel. They too will be sucking up to Tiger for the entire time, except for the brief respite people will get when they air Megan West's Pittsburg tourist features.

Tennis is supposed to be on tonight. I'll have to watch Andy Roddick. He drives me nuts (I swear he needs ADHD medicine), but he's better than Tiger Fest.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Father's Day Coming Up

Fans of this blog know I don't like Tiger Woods. But this guy from emailed me and asked if I would suggest the EA Sports Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07 Mobile Game. I'm sure this website will suggest other gifts too. I hope. But check out or

Round 2: US Open

Still looking smart with Angel Cabrera still in the lead at Even par. Of my 4 picks, all 4 made the cut (all the players aren't in yet, but it looks like +10 will be the cutline), and two have a good chance to win (Cabrera and Rose).

Yesterday I said those at +2 or worse probably didn't have a chance to win. Now, after round 2, I think that those currently at +4 or better have a chance to win. That's within 4 shots of the lead and with Paul Casey's 66 today, I think it's a good estimate. So, here's the list of those +4 or better:

Pernice Jr

Those above who were +1 or better yesterday: Cabrera, Watson, Rose, Fasth, and Snedeker. It will be interesting to see if any of these five players will be within 2 or 3 shots of the lead after Saturday's round.

Announce Team Criticism: ESPN people made excuses for Tiger Woods. They said Tiger hit 5 fairways today, THEN said "that's misleading because some of his shots ended up in the intermediate cut of rough." HELLO!!! Rough is Rough, the stat did not lie. As they say, you're either pregnant or you're not. He's either in the fairway or he isn't. If you ask anyone at the USGA, they will tell you that the intermediate cut is considered rough. And if it isn't rough enough, I'm sure they will let it grow and not cut it. Next year's US Open's intermediate cut will be 3 or 4 inches high if the USGA hears the announce crew suggesting that the intermediate cut isn't rough enough and doesn't penalize.

As for Spaniard Watch: Jose Maria and Pablo Martin advanced, Sergio did not. Although, Sergio did improve from his round yesterday so he has something positive to take away from these two rounds.

I have been listening to the Golf Channel and Steve Sands asked some course guy if the course was dangerous to golfers (in the wake of Mickelson's comments about injuries and ending careers and such). My view: If you keep it in the fairway and hit greens, the course isn't a bit dangerous. If you hit it in the rough, then there are options with varying degrees of difficulty. It's the decision of the player that makes the course harmful. Not the course.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

A Warm Hello To Old Friends

It was nice to see and hear Andy North, Judy Rankin, Terry Gannon, and Mike Tirico again when watching golf on ESPN. I even like Chris Berman. He reminds me of that guy that plays on the Sopranos, only Chris is happy and I think well-adjusted.

I Look Pretty Smart Right Now

After the first round of the US Open, here's how my picks stand:

Rory Sabbatini +3
Justin Rose +1
Pablo Martin +1
Angel Cabrera -1

All but Sabbatini are T6 or better (odd to say tied for 6th when there are about 15 players at +1).

My opinion: those +2 and over are too far back to win. This isn't a course you can make up ground on.

Jose Maria Olazabal did really, really great with an Even Par Round today.

Check out the old guys who are +1 or better: Cabrera, Olazabal, Funk, Olin Browne, Vijay.

Who's leading the tournament? Nick Dougherty, from England, and under 30. I swear the media should be doing handstands. A European and Under 30. That's the two things they've been harping on for the last three or four years. "Americans win everything and What young gun will challenge Tiger".

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

A Good Cause

The American Lung Association is offering something called a Golf Privilege Card. Check out the website by clicking here.

This Story Will Get Lost This Week

12 year old qualifies for Women's US Open.

The Predictions Have Been Posted

I checked out and Stu has posted everyone's predictions. Now, I love Sergio. He's the honorary daddy of my puppy, Winnie Garcia. But he's not going to win or come in second or be a sleeper winner. Bless these folks for picking him though. Popular picks are:
Tiger, Furyk, Sergio, KJ Choi, Adam Scott, Luke Donald, Stewart Cink (I considered him as he's been playing well, but I still have issues with him from the Ryder Cup singles matches so I can't pick him), and Padraig Harrington.

My predictions: Rory Sabbatini to win, Justin Rose as runner up, and Angel Cabrera or Pablo Martin for sleeper picks. You have to hand it to me - I don't go with the obvious picks.

Check out everyone's predictions at

Early US Open Thoughts

1. Phil Mickelson is talking up the bad wrist so that if he sucks this week, the media won't say he's still suffering from last year's collapse.

2. It's going to be just like last year - a horrible tournament with everyone over par where the winner is going to be the least suckiest player. Sure, the course is fair because everyone has to play the same course. But it isn't good sportsmanship.

3. I found a really good article about Sergio and Jose Maria (more Sergio than Jose Maria) and the US Open. Click here to read it. In short, Sergio says the course is really tough and Jose Maria didn't even want to make comments after his practice round.

You know, we fans may be big losers this week if the tournament is as depressing as last year's, but I feel bad for the golfers if it's like last year. Their confidence is sure to be shaken or destroyed thanks to the USGA's continued battle to crush the memory of Johnny Miller's 63. There's 'gee the course is hard' and then there's 'so far removed from the very definition of the sport of golf that you can't even call it golf anymore, let alone call it a sport.' That's what we're facing this week.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Haven for Shrinks

Have you noticed how many players on the PGA tour love the tough conditions, whatever they happen to be? Sergio always says he loves playing in the wind and he hopes the wind blows every time they interview him. Then all the other players jump on that bandwagon and say that if the wind blows it will be great for them. Well, now Woody Austin says he loves the tough courses where Even Par is a great score. If I could just get him to say the phrase 'even par round' in an interview, I'd get a lot more hits here. Anyway, I'm thinking that all the players have had sessions with shrinks who tell them to embrace the difficulties - the love your enemy idea. If you talk yourself into liking the bad conditions, then you're theoretically supposed to do better. Kinda like when you have to give a speech and you try to tell yourself that you love giving speeches and that it's no big deal, even when you are seconds from passing out when you're in front of the audience because you can't breathe. I never passed out, but I did master the 5 minute speech in one breath when I was in high school.


Anyone else really hungry after staring at the McDonalds logo for a few hours watching the LPGA tournament?

Check Out A New Blog

Steve White at (UK) Golf Blog emailed me and asked me to check out his blog. So, I did and I like it. Check it out: and look for it in the Blogs of Note section.

Not Over Yet, But...

Well, the St. Jude Championship isn't officially over yet, but I think it's safe to say that Woody Austin won. He has a huge lead.

Adam Scott had a horrible round today. Maybe they will start talking about his final round scoring average instead of Sergio's. I'm beginning to think I did well by not picking him to win the US Open next week.

The one thing I know from watching the tournament today: Woody Austin is 43 years old. Verne must have said it at least 43 times.

Leaderboard Look

I noticed that Ted Purdy shot an 87 in the first round of the St. Jude Championship, then withdrew.

Good thing he's not a girl on the LPGA tour.

Saturday, June 09, 2007

St. Jude Championship

Adam Scott has a 3 shot lead. Those chasing him include Brian Gay, David Toms, Woody Austin.

I think a bigger story is the number of withdraws there've been in this tournament. 15 players have withdrawn. The Golf Channel needs to find out why.

And it's a good thing there wasn't a figure skating event somewhere in the world. CBS would have no one announcing this tournament if there had been. Nantz is MIA (what else is new). Bill MacAtee is in France at the French Open. Thank Goodness for Verne Lundquist. CBS needs to hire Terry Gannon. (Not ESPN Carl).

Friday, June 08, 2007

John Daly

Probably the only comment I'll make about the current John Daly news item is this:

You know with his kind of luck something like this would happen while he's actually having a good tournament, something he hasn't experienced in probably a year. Keep the kids in your prayers.

Thursday, June 07, 2007

McDonalds LPGA Championship

My players to watch this week:

Lorena Ochoa
Paula Creamer
Brittany Lincicome

Will I watch? Don't know. Sergio and Jose Maria are playing on the PGA tour this week and the French Open tennis tournament is still going on.

US Open Picks

It's a little early for me to be thinking about the US Open, but Stu at sent me an email asking for my picks. So, I had to first google to find a list of the US Open field, then I had a hard time deciding on who to pick. I'm never good at these and I had to choose between some good players. I think I'll wait until next week to report my picks. Give Stu time to post them. But here's a list of the people who almost made my list but fell just short:

Zach Johnson
Adam Scott
Sean O'Hair

The real question will be: Can I stand to watch the tournamnet if it's as horribly depressing as it was last year?

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Ginn Tribute

Why is it I can't find any news on how this turned out? I googled, I went to the LPGA website, I went to, All I can find is that Lorena is tied with Nicole Castrale. You'd think there would be news somewhere. If this is how they are going to be, then I just won't pay attention to the LPGA tour. You'd think the tour would want news to get out so they could get more viewers etc. But I guess they would rather survive on Michelle Wie news than whoever wins the tournament.

Wie Chatter

There's been a lot of talk and blogging about Michelle Wie's withdrawal from this week's LPGA event. And it seems some of the males are more than a bit mad (i.e. whining) that someone who can shoot an 86 in an LPGA event can play on the Men's tour. And these same people are embracing the controversy surrounding the 88 rule and whether or not Wie's people should have been told about the rule, if indeed they were.

I have just one comment:

For those people out there who were hoping and praying she would get banned because they are either jealous of her or hate her, just stop and think: if she can't play on the LPGA tour, then where do you think she's going to play her golf? That's right, she will be accepting every invitation she gets to play on the men's tour.

Memorial Final Round

KJ Choi shot -7 (a 65) to win the Memorial by one shot over Ryan Moore who fired a -6 to finish solo second. Kenny Perry had the round of the day with a -9 and ended up T3 with Rod Pampling. You could go down more than 10 names on the leaderboard and not find an over par final round. So, a lot of good golf was played today.

In order to avoid the Tiger Love Fest, I deliberately didn't watch the first hour of CBS' coverage and didn't watch any of the golf channel today. I watched the French Open instead. And unfortunately, I had to watch Serena Williams. I'm not a big fan of the Williams sisters. They got a lot of the same kind of hype that Tiger gets when they first hit the scene and I got tired of hearing it. Plus, women's tennis itself is a bit annoying with all the vocalizations they have when they hit the ball.

After Tennis went off NBC, I turned it over to NBC to see what was going on with the LPGA tour. They had Dottie Pepper in the 18th tower, which meant I wouldn't be able to stand watching that coverage, no matter how good Dan Hicks is.

You know, the Golf Channel should put together a show with Dottie Pepper and Lanny Wadkins. I'm sure it would get big ratings. If people can watch the Big Break, they can watch Dottie and Lanny.

Saturday, June 02, 2007

Memorial Round3, part 2

Rod Pampling takes a 3 shot lead into the final round tomorrow. He's at -15. Sean O'Hair and Adam Scott are at -12. Will MacKenzie, Stewart Cink and Aaron Baddeley are at -11. You had to expect that Adam Scott would have trouble today after shooting a 62 yesterday, but I'm not sure I expected Rod Pampling to be three clear of the pack at the end of play today.

Memorial Round 3, part 1

CBS is showing Tiger Woods today. He's at -3. Not in contention. I think it's only fair that if CBS is going to show him, then they should give equal time to all those others who are currently at -3:
Woody Austin
Robert Garrigus
Rocco Mediate
Camilo Villegas (women everywhere wish they would show him and not Tiger)
Paul Casey
Jason Gore
Brett Quigley

(I left out Tom Lehman because when they show Tiger, he's in the background).

Memorial Round 2

The big news was Adam Scott's 62. A number of the players at the top of the leaderboard are under the age of 30. Finally the announcers have started talking up some players who aren't named Tiger Woods. Of course that's just because Mickelson withdrew and the announcers can't milk that angle. They don't really believe in the players under 30. Not an ounce of sincerity did I detect in their voices.