Monday, October 31, 2005

Halloween At Work

Friday was the annual Halloween party at work. Due to the new dress code, we were challenged to come up with costumes that would still comply with the dress code. Some workers did not comply with the new dress code and wore blue denim bibbed overalls. But April and I complied with the dress code. April dressed as a golfer. I grabbed her club (it was a lefty 9 iron) and said "I'll be your caddie." So, we had some fun with that on Friday. One of the co-workers saw April and said "Look out, Tigress Woods coming through." And I said, "Well, that must make me Stephanie Williams." LOL!

Sunday, October 30, 2005

Tour Championship Preview

The preview show came on after the final round of the Chrysler Championship today. They previewed just about everyone's chances except Sergio Garcia's. They even talked about Ernie Els who won't be there. Anyway, hopefully I will get to see much more of this event than I have of the last two weeks of golf. ABC has more hours devoted to it this coming weekend. They did have some good interviews on the preview show. Sean O'Hair among them. I hope he does well. They also mentioned that Phil Mickelson won't be at the Tour Championship for "personal reasons". Mike Tirico said this was leading some people to speculate as to what those reasons are. I must really be out of touch because I haven't heard anything about this. I'll have to search it out later.

Chrysler Championship

Another first time winner on the PGA tour this week. Carl Petterson won today. Although he's officially from Sweden, you could tell when you heard him speak that he's picked up a bit of a southern accent from the time he's spent in North Carolina. And of course he has a cute adorable kid. Have you noticed that there are no non-adorable offspring of PGA golfers? They are all cute.

Friday, October 28, 2005

My Comments On the Van De Velde story

While I think it's great that Michelle Wie gets to test herself against the men of the PGA tour in some tournaments, there is something to be said for tradition. I would prefer that the men's Majors remain Men Only events. I'm sure one day, way down the road, the two sexes will unite for one, single tour. But I hope that doesn't happen for some time. When I think of all the history with the British Open, I just think that to preserve that by keeping it a Men Only event would be a nice thing.

The next thing you know, they will be wanting to turn James Bond into Jane Bond. There are some things, you just shouldn't change.

Van de Velde wants to play in Women's British Open

28 October 2005

Jean Van de Velde, famous for losing a British Open, says he wants to play in the women's equivalent at Royal Birkdale next year.

The Frenchman, who let slip the 1999 championship at Carnoustie by running up a triple-bogey seven at the 72nd hole, is unhappy at the Royal and Ancient Golf Club's (R & A) recent decision to allow women to qualify for the British Open.

"It's crazy that women should be allowed to try to qualify for our Open when men cannot do it for their Open," Van de Velde told reporters after struggling to a seven-over-par 78 in the first round of the Volvo Masters.

"I intend to make a stance. What kind of discrimination is this?

"I think it is a farce and those poor guys who won the British Open three or four times must be spinning in their graves."

Van de Velde intends to contact the Ladies Golf Union (LGU), governing body for the Women's British Open, to insist he gets a chance to qualify, even though he knows their rule is that any participant must be "of the female gender".

"I am definitely going to approach them (the LGU) to get an application form," he said.

Van de Velde appreciates he would have a huge golfing advantage over the women.

"I know we have an unfair advantage, so if we have an unfair advantage, let them play with themselves and let us play with ourselves."

Earlier this month, the R & A ruled that the top five women from each of their four majors will be allowed to enter regional qualifying for the 2006 British Open at Royal Liverpool Golf Club.

But Van de Velde believes the R & A have more important issues, like testing players for drugs, to address than allowing women to play in British Open qualifying.

"I definitely anticipate my entry form being accepted (by the LGU) because if it doesn't then I will definitely take advice on what I can do about it and I will see how far it can go," he said.

"If they do allow me to, I'd definitely go and play, just to make a point. I would be very happy to use the ladies' locker-room.

"Where do we draw the line? If we allow women to try to qualify for the men's Open it implies women can play with men, so why not men playing with women?"

Former Ryder Cup player Barry Lane of Britain applauded Van de Velde's stance, saying "they (the R & A) are going overboard".

Lane added: "If 100 men decided to take the same stance and they all qualified off the ladies' tees, they could take most of the Women's British Open spots."

Volvo Masters

So, I do a google news search for Sergio Garcia and I get tons of stories about Colin Montgomerie's second round 66 and his two shot lead. Okay. So, Colin Montgomerie is apparently really close to winning the Order of Merit again. Good for him. The press seems to be trying to build up a fight between Montgomerie and Michael Campbell. I don't see why either one of them should take the bait. Montgomerie cherishes the Order of Merit title. It means a lot to him. So, let it be. Campbell, on the other hand, prefers Major Championships. And why not since he's won one? I don't know about you, but I prefer to see golfers being nice out there and not sparring with each other in the press. If I want to see hostility like that, I'll watch the WWE. I don't want to someday find Colin Montgomerie taking a walk down Know Your Role Boulevard (That's a reference to the Rock - fyi). I'd rather see him all happy and smiles for winning a tournament the good and decent way and hear him speak graciously about his competitors.

The Jinx is Back

Yesterday I listed several golfers who were participating in the Chrysler tournament. Today I find out many of them missed the cut. So, the jinx is back and it's not limited to Jim Furyk. Sorry about that.

Thursday, October 27, 2005

The Volvo Masters

SOTOGRANDE, Spain -- Colin Montgomerie moved closer to winning the European Tour money title, shooting a 4-under-par 67 Thursday for a share of the first-round lead in the Volvo Masters. The Scot was tied with defending tournament champion Ian Poulter. Montgomerie holed a 111-yard wedge for an eagle on the par-5 eighth and birdied the last hole on the 6,952-yard Valderrama course. "It's always lucky," Montgomerie said. "It was a wedge of 111 yards. I hit it 112 and it backed into the hole. You intend to hole it but it's always lucky when it comes off."

U.S. Open champion Michael Campbell had a 72 was 23rd in the 55-man field. Montgomerie, trying for his eighth career Order of Merit title and his first since 1999, leads Campbell by $182,000. The New Zealander is the only player who can catch Montgomerie, but must finish ahead of him here to do so. Luke Donald, Jose Maria Olazabal and Sergio Garcia shared third place after 68s. He struck his approach to 8 feet at the first hole and made a birdie. He gained another shot at the second hole when Campbell bogeyed from a bunker, and birdied the third from 18 feet.

English Ryder Cup player Poulter is trying to extend his streak of winning one title every year since 2000.

Montgomerie, second in the British Open and winner of the Dunhill Links Championship at St. Andrews last month, made a superb start to his round. "The first hole was crucial," Montgomerie said. "I was anxious, obviously. I felt anxiety which was understandable. But I got rid of that in the first three holes." He dropped two shots when Campbell birdied the long fourth hole and Montgomerie bogeyed the sixth after driving into the rough and hitting into a greenside bunker. "That was a good bogey," Montgomerie said. "When I saw the lie in the bunker with a big tree in the way, I was looking at a double. I was lucky." He immediately birdied the short sixth hole from 30 feet, and the eagle at the eighth gave him a four-shot edge on Campbell.

"It wasn't great, it wasn't brilliant," Campbell said of his round. "All credit to Monty. He played great today. "It's a very fickle golf course. I've just got to be patient the next three days and pick up some ground."

Montgomerie said Bernhard Langer's decision to pick him as a wild card for last year's Ryder Cup was responsible for his current form. "Bernhard gave me an opportunity," said Montgomerie, who sank the winning putt in Europe's 18½ to 9½ victory at Oakland Hills. "That was a crucial move on his part for my career, because it was going in one direction -- the wrong direction."

Chrysler Championship: Round 1

Who jumps out at me on the Leaderboard?

Vijay Singh +3 --- Not having a good year
Sean O'Hair +2 --- Announcers have named him Rookie of the Year
Carlos Franco +1 --- Always one to watch, he's had a good last few months
Jason Gore E --- He's on a roll
David Toms +1 --- I would feel more comfortable if he was taking it easy before his surgery
John Cook E --- Good round for a part time announcer
Justin Rose -1 --- He's had a good year, especially good last few months. Friendly to the fans
Brandt Jobe -1 --- He always seems to be in the hunt on Sunday. A good one to watch
Lucas Glover -3 --- Last week's winner. he should have a good couple of rounds.
Retief Goosen -4 --- Watch him because he's 4 in the world.
Tom Lehman -4 --- I think this might be a very good round for him.
Jeff Brehaut -6 --- Leader

Who will be there on Sunday competing for a win? It's hard to tell. Retief and Vijay would surprise me if they were there. After the year they've had, I'm not sure I can be confident about them. There are a lot of players who need good showings so it's really difficult to pick a favorite to root for.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

The Answering Machine

As some of you might know, I now live alone. My parents have moved to a new house. Well, I bought a new phone and as is my usual practice, I have let the masculine voice that comes with the phone to be the answering machine message rather than recording my own. To have a bit of fun and because I can, I have named the answering machine voice "Sergio". I thought it was cute to name the man who answers my phone after Sergio Garcia. I also named my new pc after him. LOL!

Sergio got some practice today answering my phone. I came home to two messages. One of them was a telemarketer selling, rather ironically, satellite dishes and the other was a hang-up. I think it's absurd that I have the number for only one day and I'm getting telemarketer calls. I swear I think the phone company sells our phone numbers to these call centers.

Chrysler Championship

It looks like this will be a good tournament. Jason Gore, Adam Scott, Sean O'Hair, Retief Goosen, Vijay Singh, and last week's winner Lucas Glover are all supposed to compete. Too bad I still don't have a satellite dish. I will only be able to catch Sunday's round. But I am getting the dish installed on Nov. 5th (if they find my house) so hopefully, I'll be able to watch a little more golf later on. I don't plan to sign up for the package that includes the golf channel just yet. I figure with the season winding down, there wasn't much point in getting the golf channel right now. Maybe in January or February I'll add it on.

Monday, October 24, 2005

Back on the Web

Well, I'm back. I'm sure most didn't notice I was gone, but I did disappear for a bit. I got a new phone number thanks to my parents moving. So, now that things are getting settled down a bit, I am finally able to get back on the web and return to business as usual. I still don't have a satellite dish. I wrote about that over on the Miranda's Window Dressing blog.

When I get time I will get caught up on all the golf news and probably post some comments. It's good that the PGA tour saw another first time winner this past week and the Funai tournament. He called Judy Rankin "ma'am". I thought that was so cute. Those southern boys have such good manners. You know his parents and grandparents are proud :)

I do find it odd that Tiger Woods would miss a cut in a tournament that produced such low scoring.

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Funai Classic: Round 1

Hunter Haas had the best round with a 9 under par. Nick Price, Jason Gore, Justin Rose and Sean O'Hair are all doing well. Tiger is tied for 44th place after round 1. I see that Kevin Stadler is back after being disqualified last week. Hopefully, things will go better for him this week.

I'm Out of Touch

Aside from having the Hall and Oates song in my head now, I am distressed over the latest development to affect me regarding my parents' move to their new house. They took the satellite dish. I have no way to watch golf today, tomorrow or Saturday. I'm out of touch with the PGA tour. I do have internet access, but only until Monday morning. Then the phone dies. My parents are moving that too. Hopefully I can get a phone line for this house without too much trouble, but Mom got the third degree when she contacted the phone company about her phone.

Sunday, October 16, 2005

I just read a news story fronm ABC News

That says Michelle Wie got disqualified for something that happened on Saturday. You'd think there would be no instant replays or delayed replays or "oh hey, let's review what a golfer did maybe a week or two ago." Even the IRS gives you a time limit of three years to be audited on a tax return. Something tells me this golf tournament was held in the California Whine Country.

Samsung World Championship

Michelle Wie finished 4th in her first pro event and earned about $53,000. Annika Sorenstam made some history by winning the event for the 4th or 5th time. And she had a huge lead. Paula Creamer did well too. I got to watch some of this event today while I was helping my parents move. I hope Michelle ditches the plaid pants. And I liked that graphic they showed that compared Michelle to Tiger. Her stats were so much better than his in that graphic.

Michelin: Final Round

Now that the tournament is over I can safely say: Yay for Jim Furyk for doing so well! I wish he hadn't bungled that last playoff hole, but in the grand scheme of life, Wes Short Jr needed the win more. So, I think this proves that I do have a jinx-ability when it comes to Jim Furyk. I was mum for this whole tournament and he almost won. I will have to check out the stats and the money list to see where everyone ended up. Hopefully I can do this before I lose phone service. Mom and Dad have moved and they are going to be taking their computer, phone, internet connection and satellite dish with them. It will be like 1980 around here for a week or two until I get everything back. I'm thinking of getting the 180 channel package from my satellite dish provider. I would get the Golf Channel and a few more history/discovery channel options.

Saturday, October 15, 2005

Samsung World Championship

So, Michelle Wie is third after the third round. This is great. So far she is proving that her decision to turn pro was a sound one. She can compete. Hopefully, she will do well tomorrow and silence some critics. I did a google news search on this event and I was amazed at how many negative headlines there were - headlines suggesting that Annika Sorenstam was out there in some antagonistic role trying to teach Michelle a lesson for turning pro or something. These so-called journalists need to stick with reporting facts and leave the Hearst-inspired "remember the maine" yellow journalism to the tabloids. These writers obviously do not follow golf and are not fans or else they would trust the golfers to make the news and wouldn't need to create news on their own. I'm sure Annika Sorenstam is quite capable of making some news worthy of writing and reading.

Michelin Championship, Round 3

I finally got to see some of the tournament today. Thursday I was shopping and Friday I was on the treadmill so I missed the first two rounds. Today's round was hampered by the wind. Ted Purdy scampered up to the top of the leaderboard with a great round. Ryan Moore had a really bad hole to mar a really good round. I think he probably should have given more thought to his situation before attempting to play that shot out of the rocks. It looks like this week will end up being one that could make or break someone's year with a lot of guys on the first page of the leaderboard who need good finishes to get them in position for next year.

Well, I'm off now to get an update on Michelle Wie..............

Monday, October 10, 2005

Michelin Championship at Las Vegas

The next tournament is this one. I hope this means I will see plenty of commercials with that cute little Michelin dog. That little dog is the sole reason I would buy Michelin tires. I see that David Duval is playing this week. Hopefully he will make the cut. John Daly is supposed to play this week too. I wonder if he will continue his good play from last week. And a name I haven't seen in a while is listed in the field on the pga tour website: Rory Sabbatini. And yes, I do know who is featured on the pga tour website for being a multiple winner of this event and no, I'm not even typing his name. I would like for him to make the cut at least.

I updated the spotlight section over in the sidebar. Check it out.

Sunday, October 09, 2005

Final Round

Well, first of all, I would like to remind everyone of what happened the last time I said Jim Furyk might win a tournament - he lost badly. So, as this is the second time he has had a bad round after I made a prediction, I am declaring this blog a pre-win "Furyk Who?" zone. Hopefully, if I forget about him until after whatever tournament he's in is over, maybe I won't jinx him again. I am convinced my bad luck has manifested itself as a jinx.

Sergio did do well and ended up tied for 3rd. He could have done better but did have some really good moments, like the eagle on the 7th hole.

Colin Montgomerie was even par on the day, which was kind of surprising. I would have expected him to be at least one under on the final round.

It looks like 67 was the lowest round of the day and several people made that score, including Tiger Woods who won in a playoff with John Daly. Nike really does need to get started on those gallery helmets I mentioned in a previous post. I think that last putt that Daly missed was just a mental error. Maybe he was thinking of the next hole and didn't stop to think that if he missed that putt there wouldn't be a next hole. It was over really quickly.

Finally, I am very pleased that Henrick Stenson was 2 under on his round and ended up tied for 3rd. Yesterday I suggested he might do well today. Apparently my jinxing ability favors Furyk :)

Saturday, October 08, 2005

WGC: AMEX Championship, Round 3

Where to start? Sean O'Hair had a great round going until the last couple of holes. Hopefully, he will come out tomorrow and kick some butt. Of those at the top of the leaderboard, you have John Daly with a 3 under par round. Sergio Garcia was also 3 under. Colin Montgomerie was 1 under and is one back of Daly. Tiger Woods was 2 under and managed to once again show just how many times he can miss right. Nike should start selling golf helmets to the gallery. Henrick Stenson is in the mix as is Jim Furyk and Angel Cabrera.

Tomorrow will be very exciting. I don't know if Montgomerie will have a really good round. I don't think he'll be more than 2 under. John Daly is probably in the best position. He's been 3 under pretty much every round. I don't think he would have a bad round tomorrow. As for Sergio, it doesn't seem to me like there might be a low round in him for tomorrow. I'd say if he's 1 or 2 under, that might be a good round for him.. Tiger hasn't had a really low round or a really high round yet, so he's due for one or the other. The two players to watch will be Furyk and Stenson - Furyk for his accuracy and putting, and Stenson because he's a European Tour guy and the conditions favor him.

Now that I've gone out on this limb and forecasted Sunday's round, the Golf Gods will go out of their way to make me wrong. Have at it. I'd love to be wrong about Sergio and see him win this thing :)

Friday, October 07, 2005

A Little More On David Toms

San Jose Mercury News

Give golfer David Toms credit. In a sports world full of comebacks - from losses, slumps, injuries - he has done something much more dramatic.

At 38, Toms is returning from a literally heart-stopping health scare.

"It's really not that big a deal," Toms insisted before proceeding to nonchalantly recount the harrowing scene last month when he slumped to the ground at the 84 Lumber Classic in Farmington, Pa., his heartbeat racing out of control, fearful he was about to die.

Not a big deal?

"Well," he conceded, "it was just a really scary thing."

But Toms, who spent two days in the hospital and will have what he calls a minor surgical procedure next month, will be in the 71-player field on Thursday when the American Express Championship tees off at San Francisco's Harding Park municipal course.

And if dealing with his heart condition wasn't enough, Toms has been busy trying to help mend the broken hearts of hurricane victims in his native Louisiana. His charitable foundation has raised about $1 million to assist people ravaged by the Katrina and Rita storms.

"It's unbelievable how everybody has been affected down there," Toms said.

"Unbelievable" might also be a good description for how quickly Toms returned to the golf course. It was just three weeks ago that he was stricken.

Toms, an 11-time PGA Tour winner, has been enjoying another stellar season. He's No.4 on the money list with earnings of $3.66million. But on Sept.15, he made headlines of a different kind.

Married with two young children, Toms knew he had a rapid-heartbeat condition - he has had about a half-dozen episodes over the past four years. He also had a routine physical two weeks before the 84 Lumber tournament, and was pronounced in good health. But on the course that day, his heart began racing and wouldn't stop. He clutched his chest and dropped to one knee.

"I was scared because I didn't know what it was," Toms said. "I didn't know if I was going to be OK. I wondered if I might die. My family wasn't there. But I did have my trusty caddie by my side."

Toms said he was unsure if his caddie, Scott Gneiser, knew CPR. And he didn't want to find out, either.

"I don't think I would let him that close enough to do CPR," Toms joked.

The humor might come easy now as he downplays the incident, but at that moment the situation was deadly serious. In the ambulance, paramedics administered a drug that momentarily stopped and then restarted his heart. When he was flown to a Pittsburgh hospital, an administrator there reported erroneously that Toms' condition was critical - news that immediately was flashed around the country on ESPN. In truth, Toms was stable - but terrified.

"The doctors were at a loss about what was happening until the tests came back," Toms said. "Looking back on it, it honestly just wasn't that big a deal. It happens to people every day. I was lucky that I had good care right away."

He was diagnosed with supraventricular tachycardia, a non-life-threatening condition that is being regulated with medication. A week later, he was playing with the victorious U.S. squad at the Presidents Cup competition in Virginia. (He set off a security alarm during a team visit to the White House because of radioactive residue in his body from medical tests.)

On Nov.17, he'll undergo a procedure at the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota to repair the damaged nerves that cause the rapid heartbeat. Just don't ask him too many details.

"You'll have better luck looking it up on the Internet and telling me about it," Toms said. "I'm sure I'll be a little worried about it that week because anytime somebody messes with your heart, it makes you think. But right now, it really doesn't concern me."

Maybe that's because he has so much else on his mind. Monday, he hosted a charitable golf tournament in Birmingham, Ala., for his foundation, which benefits abused, abandoned and underprivileged children. Ever since Katrina struck Aug.29, Toms, who lives in Shreveport, La., has used the foundation to raise money for the displaced.

"Helping kids is something that's near and dear to us, so we're trying to directly help families with young kids who have been affected," said Toms, who attended Louisiana State.

On the course, Toms is able to block everything out and concentrate on golf. He likes his chances this week because he thrives on courses with traditional layouts - like Harding Park.

But he's also looking forward to the season's end, getting his heart problem resolved and preparing for what he would like to be a quiet 2006.

"Hopefully next year will have less newsworthy events, other than playing good golf."

WGC: AMEX Championship

I've managed to see a little bit of both rounds so far. If I had been paying attention to the European Tour, I wouldn't be a bit surprised to see Colin Montgomerie doing so well. I understand he's moving up the money list over there with lightning speed. A few other noteworthy folks: Sean O'Hair is 5 under. Angel Cabrera, also 5 under is having a very good few weeks. Sergio Garcia is 4 under despite a couple of wayward shots and his putting. Also at 4 under and currently tied for 10th is Stephen Ames, who is apparently 94th on the PGA tour money list. I'm nervous about seeing David Toms in the field. He's doing well at 4 under par, but I think I'll be nervous until he has his surgery and completely recovers. At the opposite end of the spectrum is Justin Leonard who is 7 over par through two rounds. Maybe the cooler weather isn't his cup of tea. The temperature might be another reason Colin Montgomerie is leading. It probably feels just like home to him.

As for Tiger Woods, I just have one thing to say. He knows the cameras are always on him, so can't he find some milder cuss word to use when he misses a shot? Little kids look up to him and since kids grow up fast anyway, wouldn't it be nice to have one aspect of their lives that could actually expose them to well behaved sportsmen to teach things like fair play and grace in the face of adversity? It would be great if all these kids grew up to be successful, rich athletes, but most will end up working in offices with many different types of people. Currently where I work, we have some co-workers who use the most vile cuss words to describe customers and other co-workers in other offices. It's embarrassing to be represented by these people. I have never used a cuss word out loud at work. Not only do I think it's just plain inappropriate in an office setting, I don't think it shows respect for the co-workers who might be very religious and could be very offended by hearing those kinds of words.

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

The News of the Day

As you can see from the previous post, today's big news is Michelle Wie turning pro. I am very excited to see this. She is an exceptional player, and I can't wait to see her on tv competing. I understand there are some people out there and some other players who for some reason resent Wie's decision or presence in these events. I think that's sad. Michelle Wie, if she produces, will take golf to new heights and bring money to the sport like Tiger did. Personally, I can't wait for the someday exclusive Tiger vs Michelle primetime event that will make tons of money for both players and for whatever network airs the event. You know there's going to be one. And please, oh please, someone come out with a Michelle Wie clothing line! Now that I'm skinny, I can wear cool stuff!

(And there is not one ounce of sarcasm in this post. All of this is absolutely sincere.)

Michelle Wie Turns Pro

Honolulu, HI (Sports Network) - Michelle Wie has announced her decision to become a professional golfer.

Wie, who will turn 16 years old next Tuesday, will play her first tournament as a professional at the LPGA Tour's Samsung World Championship, which starts October 13 in Palm Desert, California.

"I'm happy to say that I'm a pro as of today," Wie said in making the announcement. "I'm really excited for everything to come and for next week, as my first tournament [as a pro]. It's all very exciting."

Wie has also inked endorsement deals with both Nike and Sony, each worth a reported $5 million a year. She will wear Nike apparel and will play the company's clubs.

Sony, of course, gave her sponsor's exemptions into the PGA Tour's Sony Open in Hawaii the past two years. She will compete against men as a professional for the first time next month at the Casio World Open in Japan.

Wie missed the cut in PGA Tour events this year at the Sony Open and John Deere Classic, but had a strong LPGA Tour campaign playing on exemptions.

In seven events, she finished no worse than tied for 23rd and was the runner- up at the LPGA Championship. She also tied for 14th at the Nabisco Championship, tied for second at the Evian Masters in France and tied for third at the Women's British Open.

Despite her success, Wie still plans to continue her education.

"My first priority is school," Wie added. "I know that I am going to graduate high school and hope to achieve my goal of graduating college."

Wie cannot officially join the LPGA Tour until she turns 18 years old, but can play as many as eight events in each of the next two years on exemptions. She is also expected to continue playing against men on PGA Tour sponsor exemptions.

She has also decided to donate $500,000 to victims of the recent hurricanes.

Monday, October 03, 2005

World Golf Rankings

KJ: from 47 to 30
Shigeki: from 49 to 36
Jason Bohn: from 100 to 79

Final Round Observations

KJ Choi won the Greensboro event. Shigeki Maruyama came in second and Jason Bohn and Brandt Jobe tied for 3rd. Justin Rose tied for 6th and Sergio Garcia was tied for 13. Charles Warren shot the low round of the day with a 65 and it looks like KJ Choi and Carl Pettersson were the only ones to have all four rounds in the 60's. I think maybe KJ and Shigeki were saying something about not being picked for the President's Cup team with these great performances.

Saturday, October 01, 2005

Another Mention

I found another blog that mentioned this blog. Check out Sara5's Links.

3rd Round

DJ Trahan and KJ Choi are leading with Jason Bohn and Shigeki Maruyama one back. Justin Rose and Sergio Garcia are right in there. Robert Gamez had the best round of the day with a score of 9 under par. I'm happy that Justin and Sergio are doing well and it looks like tomorrow will be pretty competitive.

A New Mention

The good folks at Golf Punk Magazine have included my blog in their Blog Roll, so I thought I would add them to the side bar. Check out Golf Punk Magazine.