Sunday, July 18, 2010

British Open Backlash

I've been seeing some comments on the web about how this Open was boring, ho-hum, far from great. That makes me a little angry. Substitute Woods' name for Oosthuizen's and you'd be seeing comments like "the greatest exhibition of golf in the modern era". But because it's Louis Oosthuizen, for some reason, people feel justified in diminishing the greatness of his accomplishment. Shame on you nay-sayers. This final round was every bit as exciting as a playoff victory. There was just as much suspense in wondering if Oosthuizen would collapse, if Casey would surge, if the weather would beat them both. I can only hope given time for reflection, the nay-sayers will recognize the great golf that was played today. There are no asterisks, no buts, no except fors, Oosthuizen beat everyone today. He is the Champion Golfer of the Year.

A Great Open

I watched most of the final round of the British Open today and was thrilled to see Louis Oosthuizen win. The announcers kept saying that he'd come from nowhere and no one knew who he was. Well, if you watch the European Tour coverage, you know who Louis Oosthuizen is. The US announcers just need to do their homework a little better. They get a little lazy, only studying up on Woods and Mickelson.

It was a sad day for Paul Casey. I was really hoping he would take it to Oosthuizen since I doubted the others could make up that many shots to be in contention. But even though that didn't happen, the final round was a good one to watch.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

All's Right in Golf, Sergio is Feeling Better Now

Thank goodness this moment of uncertainty has been resolved. According to this article, Sergio has thought about things and found a new attitude on Saturday. His played reflected that as he went eagle, birdie on the front nine with some nice, positive play. The article quoted Sergio as saying he still thought he needed a rest. I think that too. He's been playing year after year since he was 18-19 years old without a real break. A lot of golfers get that break by not securing their tour cards or not playing well enough to get into majors or now the Fed Ex Cup playoffs. But Sergio has been playing a full schedule for all these years now, complete with international travel which has to be grueling.

I just hope he doesn't start his break until after the Bridgestone Invitational. I'm planning to go to that tournament and I'd really like to see him.

Olazabal Has a New Gig

It's been announced that Jose Maria Olazabal will be representing Nespresso coffee this year in conjunction with Ryder Cup activities. I'm happy to see Olazabal do anything these days. So happy, that I would probably buy some of this coffee if it was for sale here in my little WV town. And I don't drink coffee.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Say It Ain't So, Sergio!

I just read this article that says Sergio Garcia is contemplating quitting golf! Now, I'm the first one to say do what makes you happy, but I really wish Sergio would stick with golf and just change how he feels about it. I think he's turned golf into a chore, like cleaning my cat's litter box, when he should probably try to get back to a time when golf was a fun game.

In those immortal words by the Partridge Family, "Come on get happy!"

British Open so far

Early this morning I turned the tv on to watch a little bit of the British Open. Louis Oosthuizen (spelled that right without looking) was leading at -12 and I said to Winnie, PJ and Parker (my dogs and cat) that I thought -12 could be leading after round two. And it looks like I might be right on that. I didn't expect Rory McIlroy to shoot an 80 though. I figured he might be a couple under par at best and maybe a couple over par at worst. Yesterday the announcers said the golfers who had good weather on Thursday would have good weather on Friday. But from what I could tell, no one had good weather today. Some other good stories to follow this year are Mark Calcavecchia, John Daly and Steven Tiley. I'm really thrilled that John Daly is doing so well. He's worked really hard to turn his golf game and his life around and it's about time he sees some positive results.

I thought it was interesting that at the start of the day today, it only took Mark Calcavecchia's group just under four hours to play a round of golf, but on the PGA Tour network this evening, they said it was taking Tiger Woods' group over 6 hours (7 if you add in some kind of delay). I like Calcavecchia's get 'er done attitude.

Some scores so far:

Miguel Angel Jimenez -5 and T6
Graeme McDowell -5 and T6
Martin Kaymer -4 T15
John Daly -2 T28
Sergio Garcia -2 T28

I had to look up Sergio's score. I haven't heard anyone talk about him these last two days. It got to a point where I wondered if he was even playing this year, but then I remembered a picture of him in the USA Today paper on Thursday.

I might watch some this weekend. It depends on how much coverage they devote to Tiger. I liked hearing Mike Tirico, Andy North and Judy Rankin again. They really are great announcers/analysts.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Just How Good is Steve Stricker?

I've had no phone service since Wednesday which also means no internet access. So, I actually spent some time watching golf this weekend. Steve Stricker is playing phenomenal golf at the John Deere Classic. He has to be one of the best all around players on tour and hopefully he will now get some of the attention he deserves.

Instead of figuring the #1 ranking on money, they should instead factor in those qualities that make a person a well-rounded, respected individual. Good values mean a lot more at the end of the day, or the end of a career, than a long number with a dollar sign in front. And I'm betting guys like Steve Stricker already know that.

Sunday, July 04, 2010

4th of July

Justin Rose, of Great Britain, won the AT&T National today, a rebound of sorts from last week's final round troubles. Could it be that this year we might have a Player of the Year based on heart and intestinal fortitude rather than bank accounts and political clout? I hope so. There've been a lot of good players over the last decade who haven't had the recognition they deserve. Maybe this year will be Justin's.

Over in France, Miguel Angel Jimenez won that tournament in a playoff against Canizares and Molinari. Way to go for Jimenez who hasn't been lighting up the tour lately. Jose Maria Olazabal had rounds of 82, 70 the first two days. That second round proves just what kind of spectacular player he is. He will play in the Pro-Am this week in Ireland.