Saturday, April 18, 2009

Verizon Heritage 3rd Round

I actually watched this today on CBS. It took 2 hours and 45 minutes for them to mention Tiger Woods. But, luckily, the round had been completed and they were killing time so they didn't take any time away from this week's players. Unfortunately, they said they would air a Masters Flashback package during the 3pm eastern hour - which is during the final round of the tournament. So, tomorrow they will be taking time away from this week's players. You all had better just find a scoreboard on the web to watch instead. At least until 4pm eastern.

About the round, a lot of good players are in contention. It's really good to see Lee Janzen doing well this week. And Davis Love always does well at the Heritage. Jose Maria Olazabal finished his round with a 1 under par score, 4 under for the tournament so far. A positive move but he did have his total score to 5 or 6 under there for a while today.

Stupid question time: Peter Kostis was interviewing Tim Wilkinson. Wilkinson had a third round of 65 today. The stupid question? Kostis asked Wilkinson what his game plan for tomorrow was. Gee, like Wilkinson was going to say, "Well Peter, I think I'm going to change up everything and try playing right handed tomorrow." Anyone would think his game plan today would suit him just fine tomorrow.

Follow up to the last post about the Golf Channel's obsession with Tiger. They used Tiger's video game to describe the holes of this course. Davis Love won this tournament 5 times. Wouldn't he be a better source for information on the course? When did Tiger win this one? He didn't. Gee, let's get a non-expert's, and a non-winner's, opinion of how to play the course instead of a 5 time winner.

A comment about Verizon Phone Service: Last Sunday during the final round of the Masters, I, a Verizon customer, lost phone service. Which meant I couldn't blog or get online to check the leaderboard. I used my cell phone to call my mom and ask her to call Verizon to complain. She did and the customer service people kept telling us to unplug the phone and plug it back in. That would be a good idea if my internet wasn't lost too. Duh. Anyway, the lady ran a check and said she did detect stress on the line (that would be the big tree that's been leaning across my driveway for about a year and resting on the phone line). She arranged for a technician to check it out on Thursday. That would be 4 days without phone service.

During all of this, my dad drove to my house to fiddle with the outside boxes. As he drove to my house, he saw a backhoe and two Verizon trucks all sitting together. We had suspected that they either cut into a phone line and disrupted service or they deliberately turned off phone service to do some work. Later, when it got dark outside, I thought I would just try to see if I had a dial tone and guess what.... I did. At that point I decided that the backhoe operator and the occupants of the Verizon trucks had fixed whatever problem there was and went home for supper.

Did Verizon at any time decide to call us and tell us that the problem had been fixed? No. Did they tell my mom when my mom was on the phone with them that there was a problem in the area? No. In fact they called the next day to confirm the Thursday appointment and then my mom rec'd two more computer generated calls regarding the appointment. When Thursday came, the technician was supposed to check the stress on the line (aka the tree). What did he do? He drove up to my house and put a note on my door saying that the phone line had been cut on Sunday but was fixed now. No attention paid to the tree. I still have to drive under it whenever I leave the house or come home.

We didn't expect them to do anything about the tree, but he didn't even mention it in his note. Someday the tree will bring the line down and they will have to do something then.

By the way, the technician's supervisor called my mom on Thursday and checked up on the technician to make sure he was doing his job. You'd think the company was government owed-operated with the way they waste money checking up on people and calling people over and over again to confirm appointments and stuff.

I'm glad I only have my phone service through Verizon. I would hate giving Verizon money for high speed internet and satellite tv too considering this experience with customer service.

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