Thursday, April 16, 2009

Olazabal Tied for 6th

Jose Maria Olazabal shot 3 under par in the opening round of the Heritage. Yay for him!

Not that I got to see any of it. The Golf Channel alienated me almost immediately. How, you ask? Well, even when Tiger isn't there at the tournament, he's still there. They have his computer game alter ego describing the holes of the course. Pretty soon, they will have 'tournaments' with only Tiger in the field, guaranteeing the media enough Tiger to make money hand over fist. In fact, I can see the Golf Channel now airing Tiger's EA sports game competitions between the on-air talent.

If only I could learn to puke every time they put Tiger on the air, I could get down to 110 pounds in no time. What a great diet aid that would be.

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Onllie_the_best said...

That my friend is absolutely true. I have been watching golf for nearly 40 years and back then you would see a bit of every golfer. Back then they showed GOLF. Now it is not golf we see on the tube, it is TIGER, TIGER and again TIGER. People move bolders for him, get hit by his drives so it won't get too deep in the woods!, hit the roof of a clubhouse and doesn't get a penalty shot, and a guy even stayed in the ball path and got hit on the forehead (he could have got killed!); but instead he got a big bump on his forehead and a picture of TIGER......I'm sure they showed on television the chip at Augusta where the ball slowly went in the cup at least a thousand times. Broadcasters don't care about the sport of golf, or professional golfers anymore, all they want to show is TIGER, TIGER, TIGER. Even the scoreboard are posted differently on the tube if TIGER is leading. If he's leading, you'll see 3 to 5 names of the leaderboard. If he's not leading, they'll show everybody between the leader and him. What a hoax, and a shame for this sport I like so much.