Friday, April 10, 2009

Masters Notes

I haven't been watching this and have barely seen the leaderboards, but I think that the pressure may be off me on the making predictions front. A while back I made some predictions for the year and one of them was that Greg Norman would miss the cut at the Masters. That may not happen. If he obliges, he will take me off the prediction pedestal people have placed me on and I'll once again be just an average golf blogger. At least until the rest of my predictions come true. I'm still looking good on my Lorena Ochoa prediction.

Jose Maria shot +3 today. I hope it was just a bad round of golf and not a health issue. It's not looking good for him to make the cut. Maybe fate will be kind and a bunch of people will shoot high enough for him to make it to the weekend. I know there's a 10 shot rule but I also read that they also go by the low 44 and ties. I don't know if that's the current rule or if it's been changed. The internet isn't the most reliable place for info and I'm not watching the coverage on TV to find out. I have no desire to hear "Tiger this and Tiger that" for three hours a day.

Only those with Irish accents should refer to the man as "Paddy". Everyone else sounds like their are saying "potty" or "patty" and neither one is respectable or acceptable.

Michael Campbell finally has some company at the bottom of the leaderboard. Yesterday he was all alone down there, but I just saw that a couple of guys had joined him. Unfortunately for Campbell, they are all 60+ years old or something. I don't think he's going to take much comfort from that.

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