Sunday, April 19, 2009

Brian Gay Wins Verizon Heritage

Brian Gay won by a large margin. He finished 20 under and I believe the next closest competitors, Briny Baird and Luke Donald were -10. Jose Maria Olazabal finished T6 and Lee Janzen finished T4.

This was a nice tournament to watch. Very minimal Tiger mentions and a very pretty course to look at. There was no aggression, no violence, just wonderfully talented golfers putting on a great show.

And just think, next year, Brian Gay can call the Masters his warm up event for his title defence. That has to be nice.

CBS waiting until around 5pm eastern to talk about the Masters and show Tiger and Phil, instead of showing them in the 3pm hour like they said they would yesterday. I would like to believe they waited until Jose Maria Olazabal finished just to make me happy, but I think they just waited to see if Brian was going to have a large lead so the viewers wouldn't be missing very much of the fourth round.

I'm very happy that Jose Maria had a top 10 this week. Hopefully, he will continue this great play.


Onllie_the_best said...

Well you are right, it was a nice and smooth tournament to watch. It was unbelievable to see Brian Gay 60 some footer putt, as well as some other shots; like the shot out of the trap which bouned off a board, went sky high and nearly fell in the cup! We wouldn't have seen if TIGER would have been there!.
Yes, Olazabal didn't play too bad. He needs to earn ! 800k to keep his PGA card in 24 tournements. So far, so good; he earned close to 200k with his tied 6th position.

Golf Clubs Consultant said...

One interesting thing about it is that Briny Baird is the only one of the top 5 finishers that doesn't play Mizuno golf clubs. According to Mizuno it's because their irons are particularly accurate, and work well on Harbor Town's small greens.