Monday, April 13, 2009

Tired of Winter?

Looking for a nice warm place to hang your hat? Well, I got an email from someone connected with Piper's Landing Yacht and Country Club asking what my advertising rates were here on the blog. I don't do any advertising stuff because then I would have to pay taxes on the income, so I thought I would just provide a link for you all to click on to check out the website for this gated community in Florida.

On a related note, I am so out of touch with the economy. I've been watching House Hunters on HGTV and everyone on there plans to spend $300,000 or more on a house. The homes at Piper's Landing are all over $200,000. Here in West Virginia, if you are single and making $30,000, then you think you're doing pretty well (unless you are a teacher and then you think you deserved $100,000 a year despite the fact that the tax base can't support it). $30,000 in WV can pay your rent/house payment and a car payment with a little left over if you are a frugal shopper and have learned the difference between your needs and your wants.

It's no wonder the politicians think the middle class make a lot more than what I do. They must be watching House Hunters too.

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