Monday, April 13, 2009

Believing His Own Press

I've complained often about how the media tends to be Pro-Tiger way too often, sometimes (a lot of the time) engaging in hyperbole (aka sucking up) in order to make money off of him. Well this time, I think Tiger himself is taking lessons from the media's behavior.

Case in point: this quote from Tiger found in a New York Daily News article: "I fought my swing all day and just kind of Band-Aided-it around and almost won the tournament with a Band-Aid swing."

I would like to contradict the #1 player in the world: Kenny Perry almost won. Chad Campbell almost won. Tiger finished four shots out of the playoff. That isn't 'almost winning'. That's a good paycheck.

Funny enough, if Sergio had come out with a statement like that, he'd be ripped to shreds in the press. If Phil had made that statement, he'd be suffering the same fate as Sergio.

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