Monday, October 24, 2011

A Great Week for Europe!

Sergio Garcia, one of my favorites, won the Castello Masters by 11 shots this weekend! What a great display of golf. I wish I could have watched more of it. It was great to see him smiling, happy, and relaxed on the course. Hopefully, he will take all of these feelings with him into future tournaments and continue to do well.

Luke Donald won the Children's Miracle Network Tournament on the US PGA tour and captured the money title. Apparently, this was a full on burst of winning determination on the back nine on Sunday. Again, I wish I could have seen some of this tournament too, but I figured the announcers were talking about how great Tiger Woods is so I didn't bother watching. I do keep up on Twitter though and that's more important - I actually read the thoughts of the golfers themselves. At least those thoughts they would like to share with their fans. I would now like to see Luke Donald win the European Money title, the Race to Dubai. I want Luke, an all-around nice guy, to be a Number 1 who won both money titles. I don't care if he hasn't won a major. If majors were all that important, then those would be the only tournaments on the schedule and the golfers would spend the rest of the time practicing.  Or vacationing.  Wait, there's a player out there now who only plays a couple of times a year.

Monday, October 10, 2011

I've Been Neglectful

Yes, I've been neglectful of the blog lately. So, let's catch up.

Bill Haas won the Fed Ex Cup and the Tour Championship. I was very pleased with this result as I've been a fan of his for a while. And he received the other Presidents Cup pick. At least there will be one selection deserving of the honor.

Greg Norman picked a couple of excellent players for his team. I think the Internationals will have a very good chance of winning the Presidents Cup. They should have more experience with that course and I think they will team up better than the US players.

The Solheim Cup was very exciting this year. I was happy to see Europe win.

Brad Faxon won his first Champions Tour event this weekend. A popular win, I'm sure.

Although Jose Maria Olazabal missed the cut this past weekend, his presence was definitely felt at the tournament as he apparently has been giving some assistance to some players. Olazabal's name was mentioned a lot during the weekend coverage. I hope I get to see him play again soon.  I couldn't watch it Thursday and Friday because of that inhumane punishment called 'work'.

The golfing media went wild with the news that Tiger Woods set a course record at his home course while he's been off working on his game instead of competing. I don't see why this is so special. It would be like me being able to maneuver through my house (I've lived here 30 years) in the dark. I ought to know how to get through my house, and he ought to know where to hit the ball in his own backyard. This statistic doesn't mean anything to anyone other than those who are still trying to cash in on Woods.