Sunday, July 30, 2006

Ryder Cup

I don't claim to understand the European system for selecting their Ryder Cup team, but I just checked the rankings and I think Sergio got passed by some people (on one list or the other or take the square root of 2 divided by pi - however they figure it). He needs to play better.

Three Days With....

The Golf Channel is doing this new thing where they spotlight a player three consecutive nights each week. This week it's going to be Tiger Woods. My question is this: How is this different from any other week at the Golf Channel or any other network. It's always Tiger, Tiger, Tiger. At least they aren't kicking Brad Faxon's Personal Lessons Show off to make more room for Tiger. Brad will be the highlight on Monday for me.

Sunday Observations

Loren Roberts nearly blew it again, but managed to win the Senior British Open.

David Feherty mentioned Corey Pavin's caddie's name about 20 times today. What's the deal with that? Unless it's Bones or Stevie, we never hear the names of the caddies.

Did you see Corey Pavin's finger nails? I don't know if it was a trick of the camera or what but they looked a bit weird.

Overused word of the day: Skanky. Someone should get David Feherty a thesaurus for Christmas.

Taylormade should be very happy today. Everytime I looked at the screen I saw a Taylormade logo.

You'd think with all the club tossing going on today that these guys had secret high school careers as majorettes in the marching band.

Corey Pavin wins. That is a great story. I wonder where he stands now in Ryder Cup points?

And finally, and the best by far: A Tiger Woods commercial aired during the US Bank Championship coverage today. It was the commercial where they slowed down his swing and played the awful music. Well, my dog Phoebe stopped what she was doing and stared at that commercial, turning her head sideways as dogs are prone to do. As the music changed, Phoebe grew concerned and eventually let out a low growl. Heehee. She growled at Tiger Woods. She knows who her owner is.

Saturday, July 29, 2006

Itchy Fingers

According to this article, someone stole the coin Robert Karlsson used to mark his ball during a weather delay at this week's tournament. That is so rude.

What was that again?

I've been watching some golf this week, just not really paying attention. Haven's seen any of the US Bank Championship, but I hear Corey Pavin has been doing really well, so good for him. I saw some of the Evian Masters, but really couldn't remember much of it except that Se Ri Pak always wears really cool clothes. I hear Kari Webb won and Michelle Wie finished tied for second or second I don't know which. The European Tour - I saw some of that this morning. Sergio made an eagle and they didn't show it. Then they went to a rain delay. They were doing a lot of Ryder Cup talk this morning. I have the first two rounds on dvd, but as usual, I haven't watched what I've recorded. Senior Tour - it's on now and Loren Roberts is leading. I had planned to watch it but laid down to try to get rid of my headache. So, I missed a litle bit of it. I don't hear Nick Faldo, Mike Tirico talking so I don't know what's up with that. The BIGGEST NEWS is that Judy Rankin is supposed to be back next week for the Women's British Open. She's been off battling cancer lately. Good for her.

Last night on the Post Game Show, the golf channel people interviewed Carolyn Bivens, commissioner of the LPGA. She was doing fine evading the questions until she got to one on Michelle Wie. I listened to her answer and thought "I believe she just insulted me." Here's what she said (as close to a direct quote as I could manage it, it might be a bit off but not in context): Fans don't know if she's (Wie) a member or not. All they know is that she's a charismatic young woman who plays professionally.

Now I take exception to that. I know she isn't a member of the LPGA. I know she's limited in the number of tournaments she can play on the LPGA schedule. I also know that Bivens could at any time, if Wie applied, make a special exception and allow her membership (Bivens said that last night). I wonder what else Bivens thinks the fans of women's golf don't know.

Bivens said there was a committee being formed to look into revamping the rule that the Commissioner could make a special exception to allow players to play on tour so that Michelle Wie, or a player like her, could possibly play more. Well, if she wanted Wie to play on tour, she would follow the current rule and do her thing. I believe Bivens has assigned this to a committee so that it would take so long to get done that Wie will be 18 by the time it's finished. That way Bivens won't have to admit she was wrong and change her mind on Wie. People say Bivens' brash nature and management style may be hurting the LPGA. I think it's helping the PGA since Michelle has to play somewhere, and she's not lacking for opportunities on the Men's Tour.

Friday, July 28, 2006

Pictures of Tiger Woods' House

According to my hit counter, there are a bunch of people who are all of a sudden searching for pictures of Tiger's house. Folks, let me stress this for you: The Pictures of Tiger's House That are Floating Around on the Internet are FAKE. They are not of Tiger's House.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

The Book Continues

Thought I would update you on the progress of my golf themed romance novel. I'm currently working on chapter 11. The chapters are still short and I've gotten a little away from my outline. The bad, bad news is that I keep writing it from the male character's point of view, which for romance novels is a bad thing. According to, they want the books written primarily from the heroine's point of view. And in this book, the heroine is not the golfer. So, I think I'll go back to all the short chapters and write more from her point of view to try to get more of her into this book. I still don't think anyone will publish this thing. But I'm writing it and I'm having a good time which is all that matters.

Unfortuantely, the books I've bought that I would like to read are still sitting on the shelf since I know if I start reading books, I won't want to finish writing this one.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Player of the Year Poll

The Golf Channel is conducting a poll on who is the player of the year at this point and the choices are Tiger, Phil and Geoff (He's won a major, I shouldn't have to mention his last name). I say Geoff should be player of the year. And here's why: I feel that Tiger and Phil have pretty much self-actualized, referring to Abraham Mazlow's Hierarchy of Needs Theory. Once there, there is nowhere else for them to go. They can't improve any more. And they actually become normal, or average for them. We come to expect this kind of performance from them. And if we expect it, then why should we honor it? My boss expects me to do my job. So, he's not going to reward me for meeting my quotas. Phil and Tiger, we expect to win tournaments each year. The real player of the year is someone who either overcomes a big challenge to succeed or someone who breaks through and proves his worth. Someone on his way to becoming self-actualized. I think that's Geoff.

Personal Lessons

If the Golf Channel keeps doing this Personal Lessons show, I'm going to end up having crushes on a lot more golfers than I have time to watch. First they had Rocco Mediate, who is very gregarious and charming. Then they had Brad Faxon - I can't explain why he's appealing other than the fact that he's personable and quite knowledgeable (and I did sort of see a resemblance to Kevin Sorbo).

What About Ernie?

There were three people tied for second heading into the final round of the British Open this year. Chris DiMarco made a charge but came up short. Ernie Els was only 1 under on his last round. And as for Sergio - everyone and their brother are all on him, trashing him, like he was the only other player in the tournament. Ernie had the same opportunity that Sergio did but did Ernie rise to the occasion and challenge Tiger? No. He sucked too.

And let me point out again in more concrete language: In order for Sergio, Ernie or Chris to have beaten Tiger, they would have had to shoot a 65 to win, 66 to tie and force a playoff. Everyone can bash these three guys all they want, but 65 is the course record - how realistic is it really to see these guys shoot a 65 twice in one tournament?

Get off the Bashing Train and move on. The stats don't support you.

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Found a New Blog

Check out 'So, Do you like...stuff?' Especially the Wednesday July 19th post called A Love Story Starring Tiger Woods.

Chad Campbell's PGA Tour Commercial

Does anyone else think it wasn't the smartest thing to have Campbell say that if you have to say how good you are then you aren't that good to begin with followed by the PGA Tour logo and slogan "These Guys are Good"? If we listen to Chad Campbell, then maybe these guys aren't that good to begin with......

Seek and Ye Shall Find

Judging by the hit counter stats, people want to know something about Sergio's outfit he wore today in the final round of the British Open. I don't know anything about it other than it was yellow and he looked very handsome in it. Some people might not like that there was so much yellow, but red was overused today and white is boring. Yellow is fresh and new. The only thing I heard from the announcers was Nick Faldo remarking that the shirt seemed a tight fit. Again, not a problem for me.

Speaking of outfits, I guess Ian Poulter missed the cut? I only got to see two of his outfits this week. The one with the question mark on the pants and the one with the jug on his pants. Note to Ian: The question mark thing will have people coming up to you and saying "Riddle me this. Riddle me that." (From the Riddler, Frank Gorshen's incarnation, in the Batman tv show)

A Letter to Sergio Garcia

Dear Sergio,
I watched your final round today in the British Open with the highest of hopes which were soon replaced by the most painful of heartaches. I was so hoping you would win today, more for your own personal satisfaction than to shut up the critics.

All in all, I don't see this year's British Open as a failure in any way for you. When compared to the rest of your year so far, this was indeed a success. And once you factor in the tendency for people who shoot low scores to follow it up with high scores, plus your tendency to shoot higher scores in final rounds, a +1 score today was really good. And it wasn't as if you were the only one in second place when the final round began. The other guys couldn't get the job done either. I'm sure you will build on this tournament and work even harder to make your mark at the PGA in August. (Please play in the WGC Bridgestone Invitational the following week - I have tickets for that one.)

I do have a small request however. If you don't get over this final round slump issue, then please don't put yourself in the final group with Tiger Woods again. I had to watch 4 hours of Tiger Woods today and did not get to see much of you at all. Either start winning when you are paired with him, or position yourself to be in the middle of the pack on Sunday so I can watch you for a couple of hours and then when you finish, I can turn the channel.

Thanks and Good Luck in the Future,

Final British Open Thoughts

Tiger won. Yawn. The only difference this time was that he cried a lot after this win, made him look a bit more human. At least Sergio didn't blow it completely. None of the guys in contention made that big of a move today. And for Sergio, I think this final round was actually a success. Usually after a low round, the very next round a player has is a high scoring round. Added to that, Sergio's tendency to score about 2 shots higher in his final rounds (The Golf Channel had all kinds of stats on that) and Sergio should have shot 4 or 5 over instead of just 1 over. So, really Sergio didn't do all that badly today. But none of the guys in contention really made a big move today. Chris DiMarco came the closest but still could have done more. I probably won't watch the Golf Channel for a few days: It's only going to be a Tiger Lovefest and I'd rather lose weight the right way, by working out, rather than throwing up over having to see and hear about Tiger non-stop.

Last week I said I would have to start keeping an eye on Andres Romero. And guess what. He finished tied for 8th in the Open. Good for him.

Peter Allis said today in regards to people who say "Why don't you show other players instead of just Tiger" that the owner of the losing horse in a horse race always says why don't you show my horse. To which, Peter responds, "Well if your horse would start winning......" My response to this is that without the other horses, there would be no race to win. It would be just one lone horse trotting around a track. And if Peter would like to write Tiger Woods $10 million worth of personal checks to compensate him for the tournaments he wouldn't be winning if there were no other participants, then I'm fine with that. But it's the other players that make it a tournament and I doubt if any company would sponsor an event that just had Tiger Woods trotting around a golf course for four days. It might happen once, but then they'd get smart and realize there's no profit margin in it.

Last night on the Golf Channel: Frank Nobilo statement of the obvious: "So many Spaniards come from Spain."

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Poll Question on the Golf Channel

They have the following question on the website: Whose career needs this Open Championship win the most? The choices: Sergio, Chris DiMarco, Tiger, or Ernie.

There is a double-edged Sword quality to this question. If we pick Sergio because we want to support our favorite, then when he doesn't win, the golf channel commentators will turn it around and say that his career is over or something and harp on how much he needed this win.

The current results by the way are: Sergio at 54%, Chris at 22%, Tiger at 14% and Ernie at 10%.

I'd like to find out the justification for having Tiger's career needing this win more than Ernie's. Ernie has how many majors compared to Tiger?

An Entertaining Article

I like how this article was written with the 'swashbuckling' images. It's entertaining and colorful. Good imagery.

"Patient plotting and meticulous negotiation of Hoylake's bunkers is not for Garcia, who rips the driver out of the bag like a matador reaching for his rapier."

British Open 2006 So Far

Now that it's cooled down and I actually feel like sitting in front of the computer, I'm here to offer some comments about what I've seen so far:

1. Every half hour on the Live From show they have to show highlights of Tiger's round. It's on tape and I'm pretty sure his shots won't be changing, so I don't see the need of replaying it a hundred times. These Golf Channel people need paycuts if they can't be bothered to find any good stories to air and instead of just re-airing footage of Tiger.

2. Last night was a good evening for the Spaniard Watch on the Live From show - they had a feature story on Miguel Angel Jimenez. However, I have noticed that every time they feature a player, the player goes on to have a bad round. It happened to Tadd Whatshisname from Hawaii, and Kevin Tway and Jimenez.

3. Some really good rounds have been happening. Three people had 65s yesterday and Sergio had a 65 today.

4. TNT's Friday coverage - the commentators were obsessed with Sergio's group being on the clock, but apparently there were other groups who were on the clock and TNT didn't bother to talk about them.

Saturday Observations:

1. Sergio had a heck of a front 9. And he's in the final group with Tiger tomorrow. Unfortunately, Sergio sucks in the final rounds. Hopefully that will change. I would love to see him win.

2. Andres Romero is doing well this week. He qualified last week with his play at the Scottish Open.

3. They kept talking today about how Sergio complained about the weather conditions and the conditions of the course on Friday. Well, Phil Mickelson said the same thing more than once and no one's calling him a whiner. I think the media needs to try a little harder to treat everyone equally and report some fair and unbiased coverage. Plus, if five people ask someone the same question, they are going to get the same answer five times. It isn't as though Sergio was whining, he was answering the same question that three or four other people just asked him.

4. Three other people shot rounds of 65 this week but ABC had to suck up to Tiger and keep showing Tiger's round and analyzing it. If Chris Dimarco, Sergio Garcia or Ernie Els ends up winning this tournament, ABC is going to realize that it isn't always so smart to put all your eggs in one Tiger striped basket.

5. Kelly Whatshername quote: "A front nine 29 is hard to criticize so we'll put that behind us and move on to the back nine." --- Because obviously it's the role of the commentator to focus on only the bad because bad play wins tournaments. Wait, that doesn't sound right...............

6. Dumbest Question so far: Kelly Whatshername: "If Lefy had won the US Open, would he have come to the British Open and played differently?" --- I imagine winners have a confidence level in their games that losers don't have so I would think this question would not really need to have been asked.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Blog Interrupted

I would really like to post something about the British Open, but it is so hot in this house right now (no A/C and over 90 degrees outside) that I'm not even going to try to think. Now I know why violent crimes increase when the temperatures increase.

Monday, July 17, 2006

British Open Part 1

I took a look at the tee times. I have no clue when we might see these guys on American TV considering the time difference and all. But I did notice one name that really got my attention. I plan to keep an eye out for this guy and hopefully find out something about him. His name?

Ben Bunny

How can you not be interested in a man with the name Bunny?

Sunday, July 16, 2006

British Open 2006 TV Times

Thursday, July 20
First-round coverage • 6:30 a.m. - 2:30 p.m. ET • TNT

Friday, July 21
Second-round coverage • 7 a.m. - 2:30 p.m. ET • TNT

Saturday, July 22
Third-round coverage • 7 a.m. - 9 a.m. ET • TNT
• 9 a.m. - 2:30 p.m. ET • ABC

Sunday, July 23
Final-round coverage • 6 a.m. - 8 a.m. ET TNT
• 8 a.m. - 1:30 p.m. ET • ABC

Ford Senior Players Championship

After the John Deere Classic ended, I decided I would turn the tv over to CBS to listen to David Feherty and see how Loren Roberts was doing. Well, the first thing I heard was Lanny Wadkins being the most negative and critical that I have ever heard him. One would think that if his brother had a chance to win, Lanny would talk up the competition so that he could make his brother's victory seem that much more of an achievement, but no, Lanny just sat there being negative. So, rather than sit there and listen to that, I decided I would rather rid my bathtub of some soap scum.

After cleaning the bathroom, putting away my clean laundry, doing my dishes, and feeding my dogs, I went back to see the last few minutes of the tournament. I hadn't watched much of it so I checked out the scoreboard on the web. Tom Watson and Bruce Summerhays had the low round of the day with -6. Loren Roberts was +2 on the day. Bobby Wadkins did win.

Scottish Open Final Round

Johan Edfors won and had the low round of the day with a 63. Luke Donald and Andres Romero finished T2. Romero gets into the Open next week. I think I'm going to start keeping an eye out for Andres Romero. He played well this week. Darren Clarke and Thomas Bjorn blew their lead in the final round. Hale Irwin finished +4 but wasn't in last place. Good for him.

Spaniard Watch:

Sergio had four good rounds and finished tied for ninth at -9.
Gonzalo Fernandez Castano -1
Jose Maria Olazabal -1
Jose Manuel Lara Even par.

John Deere Classic Final Round

John Senden won. If there are any other Australians out there who would like a big trophy, apparently you can come to America and kick butt here.

John Riegger had the low round of the day with a -7. I had no idea who this guy was so I looked him up on the pga tour website. He's been on a major medical exemption so he needed to make some money.

J.P. Hayes and Bubba Dickerson had the second best rounds today with -6.

David Duval shot +5 in the final round :(

Saturday, July 15, 2006

The Scottish Open Round 3

Darren Clarke and Thomas Bjorn are tied for the lead at -11. Benn Barham and Raphael Jacquelin had the rounds of the day - they shot 65.

Spaniard Watch:
Sergio Garcia -6
Gonzalo Fernandez-Castano -5
Jose Maria Olazabal -3
Jose Manuel Lara -2

Other players in contention:
David Drysdale, Andres Romero, Defending Champion Tim Clark, Damien McGrane, and Jean-Francois Remesy.

John Deere Classic Round 3

Billy Mayfair had the round of the day - he shot -8.

John Senden leads at -16. Alex Cejka made a move today shooting -7. Justin Rose was -4 today and is -9 for the tournament. And David Duval had another sub-par round. Good for him!!

Friday, July 14, 2006

Sam Torrance Award

Sam Torrance was honored in Europe for competing in his 700th event. I'm wondering how this stacks up to Jay Haas or Tom Kite who were battling for most cuts made honors this year. They are in the low 500s in cuts made.

Scottish Open Round 2

Darren Clarke is leading at -11. Other notables:

Gonzalo Fdez-Castano -5
Sergio Garcia -4
Jose Maria Olazabal -1
Lose Manuel Lara -4
Hale Irwin -2
Tom Lehman -1

1. If one of the Spaniards can't win, then I hope Darren Clarke does. He teases us so often with his talent and exceptionally good play for three rounds only to come up just short on Sunday. I hope he can pull it off this week.

2. Why would the European players come to the US when Europe clearly has more beautiful golf courses? Money isn't everything. They should take time to appreciate those stunning courses over there.

John Deere Classic Round 2

1. I would just like to say again that I think the PGA tour should allow the players to wear shorts once the temperature climbs above 90 degrees. If you go back through this blog's archive you'll see that I've said this long before what happened today with Michelle Wie. I think the health and well-being of the players should be more of a focus for the tour.

2. Over the last two days I've heard a couple of things about and from Jeff Gove that make me think he might have a bit of an issue with Michelle Wie playing on the PGA tour. And today it was reported that he took exception to the distractions that are inevitable with a Michelle Wie gallery and said a few words to a photographer. My comment is this: If Gove can't handle a Friday Michelle Wie gallery, then he should really try to toughen up before if finds himself in a Saturday or Sunday Phil or Tiger pairing.

3. As much of a fan as I am of Michelle Wie, I felt the USA network did spend too much time covering her illness, withdraw, and subsequent departure from the course. Yes it was newsworthy, but when there was nothing to report, there was no reason to keep going back to the guy following her around. And I really don't think they should have reported which hospital they were taking her to. Besides the privacy issues, creating a media frenzy at a place where sick people are trying to heal and get well is not a good thing. Give some consideration to the patients at that hospital and let the Wie camp and the hospital staff release whatever information they want to. At least let the hospital prepare by bringing in more security.

Onto the Leaderboard:

Daniel Chopra -9
Joe Ogilvie -10 (maybe they will stop confusing him with Geoff if he wins)
Ryan Moore -8
Justin Rose -5
Paul Azinger -5
Sean O'Hair -2 (Defending Champ)
David Duval -4 (yay, it looks like he's going to make a cut and hopefully do well this weekend)
Eric Axley -4 (This guy has been over in the side bar with Arron Oberholser all year. It's about time I can say something about him).
Chris DiMarco - it looks like he might miss the cut. He's even par.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

A Good Article

about the Scottish Open - complete with quotes from the players.

The Scottish Open

Leaders are at 6 under. Some notable scores:

Darren Clarke -5
* Jose Maria Olazabal -4
* Jose Manuel Lara -3
* Gonzalo Fernandez Castano -2
* Sergio Garcia Even
* Miguel Angel Martin +2
*= Spaniard Watch

USA Players:

Hale Irwin -3 (How in the world can he be three off the lead at his age? He's not even playing well in the US.)
Tim Petrovic +1
Tom Lehman -2

And the best Leaderboard Observation:

Amateur Glen Campbell +4. Do you think he's serenading the gallery with Witchita Lineman or Rhinestone Cowboy????

John Deere Classic

The leaders are at 7 under par. Paul Azinger is in at 4 under. David Duval was at 4 under the last time I checked. Michelle Wie is almost last with a +6 round. Chris DiMarco is at 1 under, his first tournament since the death of his mother.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Get Ready...

Faldo's Coming to the Golf Channel (to paraphrase the most recent Golf Channel commercial out there). Nick Faldo will be doing commentary for the Golf Channel next season. I can't wait. I am half way to seeing my dream of a Faldo-Azinger tv show. I don't know what's scarrier - the idea that the Golf Channel people had the same thought I did - that Nick would be a good addition to their team, or the idea that someone at the Golf Channel could actually be seeing this blog right now and read my many posts about how entertaining Nick and Paul are. If someone from the Golf Channel is reading this blog, here are a few more suggestions: More Frank Nobilo, more Brandel Chamblee, more Sergio Garcia (I know he doesn't work there, but you guys do have tapes of him playing in tournaments you could show), and last but not least - the Johnny Miller-Lanny Wadkins Match play event for Charity idea I had a while back. I really want to see Miller kick Wadkins' butt.

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Western Open

Trevor Immelman won. Mathew Goggin finished tied for second. Another first time winner and another guy getting into the British Open who wasn't otherwise exempt for the event.

Saturday, July 08, 2006


Apologies are extended to all those who are searching the internet for tennis and wimbledon websites and end up here at a golf website. Apparently, that's happened at least twice.

Friday, July 07, 2006

Western Open

I checked out the leader board since I missed the second round today. I don't know who Jamie Lovemark is, but he wins the unusual name of the week contest, so I'll be keeping an eye on him this weekend. Apparently the planets are now back in their natural alignment - Tiger was 4 under on the day and Phil was 3 over. Jason Dufner missed the cut. That's disappointing. Harrison Frazar also missed the cut. After hearing about all of his family problems from Mike Tirico last week, it's really disheartening to see him miss a cut. But at least he might get to spend more time with his family. Camilo and Brett Quigley also missed the cut. Speaking of Camilo, I checked out the GQ 'article' on him today while I was at the store. I really don't think family oriented PGA players need to be featured in that kind of magazine. Too many nearly naked women. And Camilo's pictures in the magazine weren't all that great. He is much more handsome than the photographer presented in those photos.

Couples at Wimbledon

Fred Couples was at Wimbledon today watching the Federer match. I was fast forwarding through my dvd recorded coverage and I kept seeing his face flash on the screen so I rewound (if you can rewind a dvd) and played it at normal speed to make sure it actually was Fred. He was wearing a suit and wasn't wearing his visor, so there was room for doubt.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

What golf?

Golf has taken a back seat this week to Wimbledon. I did watch some of golf central and the post game show but that was because they had the women playing on espn. I can only take so much of Sharipova's vocalizations before I have to turn the channel. Then I found Rafael Nadal on the Tennis channel and that's what my tv is set on now. The Nadal thing is over, but they are doing some kind of news thing now.

Monday, July 03, 2006

Fan Fair for Golf???

The other day I was thinking about the annual country music fan fair that takes place in Nashville. This festival brings together all the country music acts and allows fans to meet their favorite acts and attend fan parties and witness special concerts. It got me to wondering why golfers can't do this. Not the singing part. But the meet and greet part. It would undoubtedly increase the fans' enthusiasm for the sport and inspire the fans to attend more tournaments. And if the event was sponsored by a joint effort among the equipment manufacturers, then no doubt sales of their products would increase because you would have the best salesforce in the world promoting the products direct to consumers as well as enhancing the fan-player relationship which would go a long way to retaining the fanbase. I don't have to tell you how I follow Justin Rose each week now since he sent back that personally written response to my fan email last year. Just knowing that he took that extra little time to say "Thanks for writing" went a long way with me. They could even coordinate this meet and greet to coincide with the Hall of Fame induction ceremony if they wanted to. I know there are events somewhat like this on a smaller scale and that fans can sometimes approach the players on practice round days of tournaments, but I still think it would be great to see one big event with all the players where they don't have to be pre-occupied with thoughts of playing and winning a tournament.

Annika Wins the US Open

I didn't see the playoff round. I was watching tennis instead. But I did see some highlights and every now and then I would switch over to espn to see what the score was. The only problem I had was that yesterday both Annika and Pat wore variations of the color blue. Today they both wore yellow. It's bad enough that people joke that women call each other to plan what they are going to wear. Now we have well publicized coincidences that will make that joke seem true.

Sunday, July 02, 2006

US Women's Open

Playoff tomorrow on ESPN between Pat Hurst and Annika Sorenstam. Michelle Wie finishes tied for third. I really wish she would win a major and be done with it. I'm going to have to hear analysts yammer on and on about how she isn't winning now.

Buick Championship

After Mike Tirico related to us all the bad things that have happened to Harrison Frazar and his family in the last year, it was hard to muster up enough enthusiasm for JJ Henry's win. It's nice that JJ won, but you really wanted Harrison to do well after hearing all the things that he and his family have gone through.

Saturday, July 01, 2006

Missed Round 2

I missed most of the second round of the Buick Championship. Hopefully I will get to watch some of it today. I hope I won't have to choose between that and Wimbledon coverage. Rafael Nadal and Andre Agassi are supposed to be playing sometime and if that's on tv today, I'm watching that.