Monday, November 19, 1990

ADT Championship

Julieta Granada, 20 year old tour rookie, won the $1 Million today. Lorena Ochoa finished one shot better than Karrie Webb, which is somewhat of a mini-summation of the year the two of them had. Close, but Ochoa was just a little better. I was dozing on the couch with Phoebe and Steffi and didn't see the win. I would have liked to have seen how excited Granada would have had to be.

There will be some who criticize the format, saying that if it isn't a full field event, then you can't say you've beaten the best. Well, I have a couple of things to say to that: 1) Golfers play the course, not the other players, and 2) if you go with the notion that golfers play the players, then when you compare to other sports, such as tennis, players don't play and beat every person out there, some get eliminated along the way.