Thursday, July 07, 2005

What's the Deal with Technorati?

It won't let me claim this blog as mine, which it is. And then when I try to send them an email to tell them that this blog is mine, yahoo mail won't send the email to the address Technorati provided. I really do think the Technorati people need some technical guidance. They don't seem to be all that technically endowed. I'm not impressed at all. I may have to take their button off my Miranda's Window Dressing blog.


Musey said...

Yeah, Technorati is a little screwed up right now. Maybe due to site moving to another server.

I am now rated as a Lowly Insect.

I was a crawling thing a week ago and I hadn't even posted in a couple of months. My blog is still listed on the sites that had it listed before. It's just wacky.

When I signed up over there I was a Slimy Molluscs higher than a Lowly Insect.

Ladybugs rock!!

Give them a week to straighten up.

Musey said...

OH heck, I commented about that ecosystem thingie and not Technorati.

Now I see why I am not allowed to touch my template, just to post and click publish.