Thursday, July 07, 2005

Check out Another Blog

This blog is called Musey's Hole in One and it seems really great. A personable, blogger next door kind of blog. Very comfortable.

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Musey said...

Hey Miranda, thanks for mention and link. And comment over at my blog.

I do wonder what kind of neighborhood you have though. I might want to move there.

I'll be back to read your posts in a bit.

Welcome to the Golfblogging. Most of us are very welcoming and nice, no matter what you may hear or read.

There has been a bit of crap slinging of late on this one site which was quite a surprise, but...

Boys will be Boys. So just visit the blogs written by the men and the very few of us women.

If us chicks get into it, we'll just take it to the mud pit and wrestle.

Hey, that would bring more readers wouldn't it?

Again welcome.