Friday, July 08, 2005

Michelle Wie

I'm watching her second round right now at the John Deere Classic (I'm not at the John Deere Classic, she is) and I have question - just what dress size does she wear? A One? A Zero? I know the camera adds a few pounds so she must be really skinny. Maybe it's that belt she's wearing that makes me think she's so skinny. I think it's good she's wearing pants like the men have to. But I still don't know why caddies can wear shorts and the players can't. I guess because they have to lug around the golf clubs and the players don't. Or maybe the tv folks just don't want to see the players' legs.

Now, as for the question of Michelle Wie playing on the Men's Tour - I think it's good for golf. She is so young that all this media attention will bring a lot more young kids into golf and in ten years we will see the result when new golfers come on tour, younger and more talented than we've seen in the past.

Will Wie's performance open up the floodgates for all the LPGA players to invade the PGA tour? I don't think so. It takes a lot for a female to play on the Men's tour considering the courses are much longer and the competition is much tougher, so I really don't see this one event hurting the PGA tour.

But let's address the true heart of the matter - finding out just what you're made of. I don't think it hurts anything for a female to find out where she stands in comparison with the men. It's a good measuring stick. And if you think for a minute Steffi Graf never thought about how she would fare in a match against Andre Agassi, then you should probably think about that one again.

Was it fair for Wie to accept a sponsor's exemption when there are other male golfers who have played better, or played more, or had some success that she hasn't? Why shouldn't she? She has to look out for herself in life and set and achieve goals for herself. There's nothing wrong with that. And why shouldn't the sponsor extend an exemption to a phenomenal player who will shine the media spotlight on the event? She's 15 and can play better than a ton of people in the world. So what if she hasn't won anything yet, if she couldn't play and compete, the sponsor wouldn't have offered her a spot. And if she completely embarrasses herself this week, she won't get another exemption for a year or two.

Wie may not make the cut, but half the field won't make the cut and they are men. Yeah, she's 15 and a female, but when it's all said and done, she may end up being just one of the guys.

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