Sunday, March 08, 2009

Y. E. Yang Wins the Honda Classic

That title says just about everything about the event. It was good to see him win. I was a little dismayed at NBC for failing to mention that one of Yang's wins was one in which he beat Tiger Woods. I think they might have eventually mentioned it but it was after maybe 10 other mentions of Yang's lack of winning experience, just nine wins worldwide until today. I can understand NBC wanting to script today's win by painting a picture of an inexperienced winner and all of the good things that will happen to him now and all of the pressure filled things that could happen to him coming down the stretch. But, give him some credit.

I don't know what the world rankings are yet. I do know that Yang was 460th before today's win. NBC repeated that a hundred times. I can't wait to check the rankings tomorrow.

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