Saturday, March 21, 2009

Sort of Golf Related

Since Buick does, maybe, sort of still sponsors some PGA Tour stuff, I thought I would post about This Article I found on the web that claims the Buick LaCrosse has tied for the top spot with Jaguar in a J.D. Power and Associates reliability study. This makes me happy since I bought a Buick LaCrosse last summer.

My car is doing fine so far, knock on wood. The only problem I have is that the neighbor dog bites my front fender when I'm driving up my driveway and now I have about 4 chipped places in the paint. They're pretty deep chips too. The neighbor dog doesn't look healthy, you can see his ribs and he only has three legs, so maybe he won't be long for this world and I won't have to resort to getting a spray bottle of hot pepper water to spray on him when he attacks my car.

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