Thursday, March 05, 2009

First Round Honda Classic

Robert Allenby is leading after the first round at -4. A bunch of people are at three under and tied for second, including Sergio. Rory McIlroy is at Even par I think.

I watched some of this tonight. It's hard to watch golf anymore because I never know when they are going to launch into some Tiger-Worshipping segment. I can't really relax in front of the tv and just watch golf. Unless it's the European Tour. Or maybe the Nationwide Tour.

The Golf channel is all over McIlroy this week. The poor guy. But I have to say that when Inga Hammond interviewed Sergio, I've never seen Sergio more relaxed. I think he likes Inga.

After the coverage and the post game show or whatever it was, they aired the Charles Barkley thing. I would have rather seen the new Playing Lessons thing with Fred Couples and Mark Walhberg. Hopefully that will be re-ran and I'll get to see it.

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