Thursday, March 05, 2009

April '09 Edition of Golf Magazine

I just got the April issue in the mail and there are some interesting things in it. One of the most interesting feature article about Amateur Danny Lee who will be playing in the Masters this year. There's an interview with Ben Crenshaw. A one-page interview with the 'next Tiger Woods' of the week candidate: 15 year old Grayson Murray. The annual "Greg Norman at the Masters" spotlight that details all of his near misses. And the David Feherty column is kind of funny this time. The quote from that column worth remembering: "fly-fishing for women in their 20s." Who was he talking about? Get the magazine and find out.

And yes, I did leave out the Steve Williams interview. I didn't even look at it. Don't want to know what he says. Wait a minute, I think I might have just found something in common with Tiger.

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