Sunday, March 22, 2009

Goosen Wins

Retief Goosen won the Transitions Championship today by one shot. He had two putts to win and Johnny Miller put the hex on him by saying "he hasn't had a three putt all week." Well, it took Retief two putts to win and the final putt was about 4 and a half feet. Brett Quigley came in tied for second. I really wish he would win sometime. He's a good player and deserves it.

I didn't watch much of this tournament. It's hard to get back into watching golf now that Tiger's back. I never know when the announce crew is going to break out into a Tiger Love Fest session when they are supposed to be covering the action going on in front of them.

And it's hard to follow these tournaments when they change their names every year. Why can't it be "The Innisbrook Championship brought to you by such and such?" It's always going to be Innisbrook and that would mean less confusion for us viewers who are trying to follow along.

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