Tuesday, March 10, 2009

And So It Begins

Here's the first article I've seen that speculates what has to happen for Sergio to gain the #1 World Ranking. It says Sergio has to win this week and Tiger has to finish no better than 27th. Gee, and if Brad Pitt would leave Angelina for me...... Well, you all get the idea.

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Andy Brown of HomeofGolf.TV said...

Hehe, I like the odds you have given Garica! I am sure he would be flattered to read this. But, that does not mean we discount the importance of this scenario. It is quite possible that Sergio Garcia might flunk badly at Doral under the gaze and questions of the over-enthusiastic scribes and Tiger does not play a tournament where he reckons he cannot make the top-five. The fact is that it wasn’t too long back when the gap between Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson, the number two ranked player at that time, was more than the distance between Phil and the last ranked player on the rankings list.

It was indicative of the phenomenal season Woods had before he went into injury-hibernation. He seems to have come back just in time to hang on to his number one ranking but he still has a few good points to defend and unless he adds a win soon enough we are going to see a lot more of these permutation-combination articles.

I don’t think it reflects poorly on the ranking system. A lot of people have complained that how can a man who has never won a single Major championship be deemed fit to be number one. Well, honestly, the ranking system is nearly as good as it can be and the computers must not take into account form and ability, just simply, results.