Sunday, March 01, 2009

Ogilvy Wins Again

Geoff Ogilvy won his second WGC Accenture Matchplay, closing out Paul Casey just a little early. At one point Casey was 6 down to Ogilvy, but he closed to within 4.

Ross Fisher came up just one short in the 'consolation' match. Stupid name for the battle for third. They need to come up with another name for it.

What I noted more than anything during today's event, was the completely different attitude the Golf Channel had to the match as opposed to NBC. The Golf Channel was all negative - no one was playing well this morning and both players just sucked. NBC comes along and they tell me that today is the best that Casey and Ogilvy have played all year and their greens in reg stats were amazing, driving stats were good, everything was just great. I began to wonder what match Azinger and Faldo were watching. But, no one should expect anything cheerful or happy to come out of Azinger's mouth. He's just a cranky person.

And even the "Tiger Woods Highlights" NBC showed turned out to be Tim Clark's highlights.

I have to say that when NBC announced they were going to show Tiger's highlights, I said "well that won't take long."

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