Saturday, March 07, 2009

Today's Honda Classic

A lot of good stories to talk about at the Honda Classic this week. Erik Compton is back. The two time heart transplant recipient is walking this week instead of using a cart. Proving to the critics that people who need a cart don't take advantage of the rules and aren't trying to ruin the 'integrity' of the sport. Jeff Overton is playing well. He made big news last fall after his appendix operation by returning to the tour just days after the surgery and toughing it out to keep his tour card. Brett Quigley is playing well this week. He's probably the player with the most tour starts without a win.

NBC is doing well to highlight the stories, even if they are a bit repetitive about it. You'd think with such journalist greats like Jimmy Roberts (yes that was filled with sarcasm) there they would get some new details or new info on the players. I like that NBC seems to be the least negative about Sergio. All the other announcers/networks like to tear him down and none of them can find one good thing to say about him. And, just as importantly, even though NBC seems to like Sergio, they don't go on and on about him when he's not making the news, like everyone else does about Tiger. Or Phil. Although, I think they were hinting at Sergio maybe making a comeback tomorrow because they kept saying that someone could shoot a 65 tomorrow and be right in it (this was while the lead was at -6). Sergio's at even par and a 65 would bring him up to 5 under. For the record, I don't think he'll shoot a 65.

I do have one criticism about NBC. They kept going on and on about the TPC at Sawgrass. Yes, we know the Players Championship is coming up. But, you're not there yet. Stop wishing your lives away, as the old folks around here say.

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