Monday, January 19, 2009

Zach Johnson Wins the Sony Open

That's the news from the Sony Open. The criticism of the event has to be Golf Channel's very negative attitude toward Tadd Fujikawa. Saturday, he was their little darling with his 62. Sunday, he had some trouble and boy did they turn on him in a hurry. Criticising every shot he made. In fact, they were negative about everyone on Sunday. Johnson, Howell 3, Toms, Scott - they were all the subject of very negative criticism. I felt bad for the players, but at least when they are playing they can't hear what's being said.

More on the media: I'm currently watching ESPN2 and the Australian Open. Across the bottom of the screen, they are supposed to keep you updated on other sports. What do they have for golf news? Tiger gives a 2 minute 'political' speech supporting the military. Give me a break. If Tiger's not playing a tournament, hosting one, or releasing an update on his expected return to golf, then it isn't golf news. I guess in the summer, the football news on ESPN will be that Dan Marino continues to use Nutrisystem to keep his weight in check.

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