Thursday, January 22, 2009

Olazabal in 2010

According to this latest news item, Jose Maria Olazabal has indicated that he would captain the European Ryder Cup team in 2010 if he was chosen. Leading up to this news, Olazabal has said that he would rather play than captain. I don't know how much this change in thinking was because of his love for the Ryder Cup or his own estimate of his health as it pertains to playing enough golf to make the team in 2010.

Even though I absolutely love Jose Maria Olazabal, I would rather see him Captain in 2012 in America. He's had quite a bit of experience playing in America and doing well in America. I think that would be a big asset to the European Team. Better Olazabal to captain in 2012 and Monty to captain in Europe whatever year the committee wants him to. Monty's had no success in Ameria and I think would be a bad choice for captain if the event's played in America.

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