Saturday, January 17, 2009

More on The Secret

A short while back, I posted a review of a book called The Secret. It's about the law of attraction and how anything you think about, you bring about. Since reading the book, I've been paying attention to things around me to see if the The Secret really is in action in the world. Well, here's an interesting little anecdote for you to consider: a co-worker said repeatedly in the last few years that she just knew she had thyroid cancer like her mom. She just knew it. She never went to be tested or checked out by a doctor until just recently. Guess what. She has it. It seems to me that she just willed it to happen by saying it over and over again.

Gives you something to think about. Hopefully, something good and positive - like "gee I'm perfectly healthy and feel great." I think in golf terms, you could say that rather than chanting "be the ball" over and over again, you might want to chant "be the result" since this Law of Attraction gives you what you ask for in life.

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