Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Colin Montgomerie is the Next Ryder Cup Captain

2010 will see Corey Pavin vs Colin Montgomerie at Celtic Manor. I only hope Montgomerie can keep his mouth shut and not insult anyone in the next two years. I also hope he doesn't continue to try to convince people he can play golf. Sure he finished 27th on the Money List in Europe last year, but he isn't in the top 50 of the world rankings and the last time he won anything was in 2007.

He was the logical choice for captain this time, but I don't like how he criticized Faldo's 2008 effort. In my mind, Montgomerie had better win and win convincingly, or else he deserves all of the negative comments he will get and more. And I hope Faldo has plenty for him.

You know that old notion that you can say anything you want about your family, but no one else can? Well, that's how the Europeans should be about their team and Montgomerie wasn't having any of it. Not a good example of team work when he criticizes the team he will be captaining in 2010.

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