Saturday, January 17, 2009

Yes, I Watched Some Golf This Morning

I've been pretty quiet about the golf this week. With the cold weather and the snow/ice issues, I've been busy making sure I have extra water in case my pipes freeze and trying to stay warm and get to work when I needed to. But today I did get to see some of the Abu Dhabi tournament. I was very confused just a few minutes ago (around 7:20pm Eastern) when the Golf channel said the leading score over there was 11 under. I was sure I saw Paul Casey well under that earlier today. So, I went to the European PGA Tour website and checked out the scores. I was right. Paul finished the third round leading the tournament at -19. I guess while the Golf Channel was busy cashing in on the not so big Obama connection to Hawaii (he didn't represent Hawaii in Congress, you know), they didn't think to run the accurate scores for Abu Dhabi across the bottom of the screen.

Anyway, back to Abu Dhabi, some news and notes:

Alvaro Quiros had a hole in one and won a free stay at one of the big, ritzy hotels over there. I don't know if I'd want that prize. It might depend on how much snow I have to deal with any other time.

Martin Kaymer is in second place, 4 shots behind Casey. I like Kaymer and thought he should have been chosen to the Ryder Cup team last year.

Some other scores:
Johan Edfors -12 World Ranking 173
Oliver Fisher -11 World Ranking 217
Danny Willett -11 World Ranking 469
Rory McIlroy -10 World Ranking 40, Race to Dubai 6
Sergio Garcia -8 World Ranking 2, Race to Dubai 1, Moved up 20 places from rd 2 thru rd 3
Richard Green -7 Dropped to T28 from T1 from rd 2 thru rd 3
Oliver Wilson -6 World ranking 39, Race to Dubai 2
Ross Fisher -4 World Ranking 29, Race to Dubai 91
Aaron Baddeley Even World Ranking 36

Yes, that's right, Aaron Baddeley is playing there this week. You don't see him play much on the European Tour. Must be checking out the Race to Dubai.

Tomorrow should be a very interesting final round. Casey is leading due in part to a third round 63. That looks to be the low round of the tournament so far and I don't think Casey would be able to duplicate it tomorrow. But that doesn't mean Kaymer can't match it. So, that four shot lead could evaporate and we could see some real competitive golf.

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