Saturday, January 10, 2009

Hey, New Golf This Week

There's some new golf going on this week. I forgot about Hawaii until Friday. I've been watching the Discovery Health Body Challenge and QVC. So, I watched a little bit of the Mercedes Benz last night. It was very nice to see warm and sunny Hawaii. You forget who all won tournaments on the PGA tour last year until you see them at this first event of the year. Contrastly, it's raining and blah at the Joburg Open on the European Tour. And the most depressing news is from the Royal Trophy - Jose Maria and his team are not doing well at all. I suppose after this, everyone will be campaining for Sandy Lyle to be the next Ryder Cup captain. That isn't a bad thing since Jose Maria really wants to play and not captain.

Speaking of QVC, I ordered a pilates machine on New Year's eve and I finally got it set up last night. I was on it today and it's the best thing ever. I spent 50 minutes working out and it just flew by. Not like 50 minutes on a treadmill. But QVC is dangerous. I decided I was done spending after New Year's but the other night I ended up buying a 3 cd set of Elvis gospel music.

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mediaguru @ said...

Come on. Admit it. You have a Popeil Pocket Fisherman somewhere in your place, don't you?