Thursday, July 17, 2008

Not Watching the Live From Show

I'm not watching the golf channel tonight. I figure they will spend the whole time either complaining about the course or sucking up to Anthony Kim, or both. My take on the high scores: there's four rounds in this tournament the last time I checked. Not one. There's time for players to get comfortable with the course and the conditions and move up. Instead of the golf channel, there's a cool show about VTOL aircraft on the Military channel that I can watch.

Stray Thought: I saw a little blurb on the web that suggested TV ratings were going to be lower because Tiger Woods isn't playing this week. Well, what do you expect when every single announcer has to say a minimum of 5 times on each broadcast "Tiger's not here this week." They are practically telling the viewers to go watch Regis and Kelly or Days of Our Lives.

They've been showing the Lexus commercial with Annika Sorenstam, Charles Howell III, Ray Floyd and Chi Chi Rodriguez. My question: Does Ray Floyd drive cars? He's got a driver but the others drive their own vehicles. Ever since I bought my new car, I have been watching every car commercial out there, looking at every print ad. And scanning every vehicle I see while I'm out and about to see if they have XM radio or Sirius.

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