Sunday, December 23, 2007

Wendy's Three Tour Challenge

A few weeks back, the new comentators for the 19th hole show on the Golf Channel did nothing but criticize the silly season and proclaim that the time had come to end all of the events except, of course, Tiger's. Because we all know that Tiger is the only, only, only reason golf should be on tv at all (a lot of sarcasm there). Well, the Wendy's Three Tour Challenge has done more for charity and kids than any of these comentators have ever done. Plus, this weekend's golf was exciting and fun to watch. Right down to Morgan Pressel's bad shots on the last hole that set up the playoff between the LPGA and the Champions Tour. The LPGA ended up winning, but the real winners are the kids who will benefit from the money raised in this event.

I love the silly season events and I always look forward to the Wendy's Three Tour Challenge. I want to see the girls play against the guys and I want to see Dave Thomas' legacy continue to help the cause of adoption in this country.

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