Sunday, September 30, 2007

Presidents Cup Final Day

Again, I didn't watch much of this. I saw Mike Weir go 3 up on Tiger and Tiger hit it out of bounds and then switched over to women's tennis on the tennis channel. So, I searched the web for the results. Only took about 40 minutes to find a website that would load the information. Have I mentioned how much I hate all the video and graphics on these websites? Anyway, looking at the results I have some observations:

Mike Weir made one great Captain's Pick. He beat Tiger head to head. When are people going to start admitting the truth - Tiger isn't good at matchplay, he isn't good at team events, and his #1 status doesn't count for beans in these team events. How many people have to beat him at matchplay before people see this? O'Hern, Micheel, and now Weir. The list is growing.

Scott Verplank is continuing to make Tom Lehman's decision to set him out of much of the matches of the Ryder Cup last year look really, really stupid.

Lucas Glover began his quest for a spot on the Ryder Cup with this event - he won a point so at least he wasn't shut out.

Steve Stricker ended up winning 3 points it looks like. He's one of my picks for next year's Ryder Cup (see the sidebar). We'll see how close my line-up gets to the real thing next fall.

Angel Cabrera, a favorite of mine, won 2 points this time around. You would think he would do well in a team event like this. He's a shot maker kind of player and goes for broke.

Retief Goosen won his Sunday match despite all the announcers dogging him and claiming he was doing absolutely nothing for the International team.

It's very premature for the announcers to say that Paul Azinger needs to consider Woody Austin for the Ryder Cup team. That's a year away and who knows how Woody will be playing next fall.

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