Saturday, July 18, 2009

The Other Part of the Open - Announcers

Time for an assessment of the ABC/ESPN announce crew:

Tom Wieskopf: "You just have to avoid those bunkers."

Gee, I'm glad they hired him to point that out. Here I've been watching golf since 1992 and thought the goal was to aim for the bunkers and hit every one.

Curtis Strange: "He (Tom Watson) was one of the best..."

I think Curtis was working on a eulogy. Last time I checked Wikipedia, it said Tom Watson was still alive. So, I would think he would still be one of the best at whatever (in this case - bunker play). To be fair, all of the player/announcers used past tense when talking about Watson.

Rick Reilly - should be working for TMZ.

Terry Gannon - How many times is he going to bring up John Daly's suspension? It's over now. If ABC wanted to get in on that story, then they should have been televising some events during the suspension. I didn't hear Gannon mention for the same number of times Daly's weightloss or his efforts in Europe when he played well. You'd think Reilly would have covered Daly and Gannon would have been talking about other things.

Generally, all of the announcers got on every player who made more than one bogey in a row, suggesting that the wheels were coming off and they were just going to fall off the radar and never recover and wouldn't be a factor. Looking back at Watson's Friday scorecard, you can see that a few bogeys in a row didn't hurt him any. This was just another case of the announcers trying to create a story instead of reporting the story that was in front of them.

Azinger: "Lawrie came from 10 shots back..."

I think Azinger keeps using this as an excuse to avoid picking a winner and then being wrong. He sure said this enough times. More than enough. I can't really see Johan Edfors coming from 10 shots back to win tomorrow.

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