Friday, July 31, 2009

No Idea

I have no idea what's going on in golf this week. I know the Buick Open is taking place. Go Buick, but the 2010 LaCrosse is still ugly (says the owner of a 2008 LaCrosse).

I think the Women's British Open is going on this week - there sure is a lot of tweeting going on over there so I'm guessing it's because of the Women's Open.

A Major on the Champions Tour? I think so.

And I think the European Tour has an event this week. As does the Nationwide Tour.

I've been watching the first season of the tv show Leverage on DVD this week and have been completely out of touch with golf. I think Seve is making news too. Something about coming back to play in the British Open next year. Hope he does well.

Speaking of no idea, I have no idea why Lee Westwood popped up in the dream I had last night. It was a strange dream and I don't really remember it. I do remember windy, cloudy weather. Gee, clouds and wind and a European Tour golfer, now that isn't a bit strange. I guess this means I'll be looking to watch Lee Westwood play a little golf next week when I'm at the Bridgestone Invitational. He might be high on the list of players to watch. He's having a good year.

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Frankie C said...

You seem to have less of a clue than even I do. I'm very proud of you.

Frankie C