Saturday, July 18, 2009

2009 Announcer Invitational

That's what we should be calling The British Open if you're watching the ABC coverage. Let's see if I leave anyone out: Mike Tirico, Paul Azinger, Terry Gannon, Curtis Strange, Tom Weiskopf, Tom Rinaldi, Rick Reilly, Judy Rankin, Andy North, Peter Allis (I think he's shared with the BBC so he may not count as much as the others). The first hour of today's coverage had more features and analysis than golf. In fact, I doubt if there was any real coverage of live golf during the first half hour despite the fact that there were plenty of players on the course we could have been watching.

If ABC wanted to do features and analysis, they should have begun a half an hour earlier with a preview show. But I'm sure ABC felt the need to justify hiring all of the extra people and paying for all of these announcers to travel to Scotland and stay there for several days (I think they also cover the Senior British and the LPGA British as well) so they had to give them a lot of face time.

But, the fact is, this event isn't called the Announcer Open or the Announcer Invitational. It's The Open (If you're European) and it's all about golf. So, they should be showing golf. Not each other.

In an earlier issue of Golf Magazine, they briefly interviewed Ken Venturi who said these days when he watches golf, he has to turn the sound down. There's too much talking, he says. I bet he took a nap this morning.

Update: Billy Kratzert needs added to the list of announcers

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