Monday, July 20, 2009

I'd Be Concerned....

I got my Bridgestone Invitational tickets today. You'd think that since Fed Ex is pouring a lot of money into the Fed Ex Cup and stuff that the tickets would have been shipped by Fed Ex. The last two times I got tickets, they arrived via Fed Ex.

How did my tickets arrive today?

US Mail.

Everyone talks about how the LPGA is in bad shape. Well, I'd be concerned that the PGA Tour is taking money from Fed Ex but is apparently not putting money into Fed Ex by using them to ship things.

On the one hand, the PGA Tour is apparently using a cheaper method to ship the tickets (I hope). But on the other hand, if Fed Ex isn't making money, then how can they fund part of the tour?

On a personal note, at least the mail carrier didn't just drop the tickets off somewhere in the vicinity of the house and call them delivered like the Fed Ex guy did a few years ago.

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