Monday, July 20, 2009

I Feel Bad for Stewart Cink

I've been reading some blogs about Cink's win and Watson's loss and I'm feeling bad for Stewart Cink. One blog said that Cink wasn't going to be very popular because he beat Watson. Another blog said that the British Open would be remembered more for Watson's loss than Cink's win. Who knows what else is being said.

Stewart Cink deserves to be praised for his win. He not only beat all of the other golfers in the field, but he had to beat practically the whole gallery who wanted to see Tom Watson set a record and win his 6th Open.

So, while everyone else is talking about the pressure Watson was under trying to win, spare a moment to consider the pressure Cink was under. Cink didn't 'not lose' this major. He went out and won it by making birdies in the playoff and finishing what, four shots ahead of Watson in that playoff?

As for him not being popular because he beat Watson? That's absurd. Watson would be the first to support Cink, and it's shame if fans don't embrace the same spirit of sportsmanship, because that's what the game of golf is all about - shaking hands with and congratulating your competitor when the day is done.

It's a good thing Cink and his family are going on vacation. They don't need to be swamped by news reports and opinion pieces.

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