Sunday, October 07, 2007

Valero Texas Open

How many lives does Jesper Parnevik have? Several apparently. I was so hoping Parnevik would win since he hadn't won in 6 years. And every time Parnevik got into trouble he found a great shot to get him out. I loved all those shots at the pin, like, why aim anywhere else?

Justin Leonard did win on the third playoff hole. He hasn't won since I think they said 2005. He's ok, but I still have negative thoughts of him thanks to Brookline in 1999. He wasn't part of the group that ran onto the green and through Jose Maria's line, but he was their cheerleader and the impetus for their charge.

So, several people secured their cards today with their finishes in this event. It will be interesting to see the rest of the tournaments in the fall series. I like overtime on the golf channel. If golf ran over to extra holes on a network, the announcers acted as though the extra time was coming out of their own paychecks, but the Golf Channel announcers just roll with it.

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