Sunday, October 14, 2007

George McNeill Wins

Like the title says, McNeill won the open today with a commanding performance. I like to see the first time winners. Way back on December 5th 2006, I said the following after watching the Q-School coverage: "I did pick 5 players to keep an eye on next year: Michael Boyd, who shed some tears when he spoke of his father's passing and the family paint store, George McNeill who was the medalist, Jaco Van Zyl, Anders Hansen and Paul Stankowski."

Two of of the five have won this year, McNeill on the US Tour and Hansen on the European Tour.

And for the second time, I've heard the announcers talk about players trying to get into the Masters. This time they were talking about McNeill and how he has three more tournaments to go and he's 59th on the money list. So, do the winners of the Fall Series tournaments not get the exemption into the Masters??? Did the Masters organizers pick and choose which tournaments' winners will get into their championship? That's not right, if that's what they did. Maybe they just made the magnanimous gesture for tournaments thru the Tour Championship?

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