Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Stress-free and Friendly

The other day I found a blog written by a Canadian man. This guy wrote a lot about tennis and as you know I watch tennis, so I found myself bookmarking the man's site and even posting a few comments. Well, the guy calls himself an angry man, and his writing backs that up. He seems very hostile about certain subjects, which is his right. It is his blog and he can write whatever he wants. And let me point out that just because his tone comes across as hostile, that doesn't mean his points are not based in fact, or at the least, his perception of how things are in the world. Every blogger has the right to post about the world as he or she sees it (as long as the writing doesn't create a dangerous situation or puts forth a flat out lie) How does the angry Canadian's approach to his subjects affect me? Well, it ups my blood pressure. I can feel it increasing, just like that commercial in which the man is wearing the blinking blood pressure button.

Conversely, there is another Canadian who writes a much different blog. His blog is friendly, thought provoking, and relaxing. Who is this guy? It's Nolan Matthias. His blog? Golf Balls Don't Float.

While I might pop in to check out the angry man's blog once in a while, I don't think I'll make a habit of visiting it. I find my life is infinitely better if I minimize the negativity. Case in point: I could spend my blogging time talking about how much I don't like Tiger Woods, but who would want to read about that? And how would I feel if I devoted that much time to something so negative? So, instead, I try to write mostly about the things I like and only write a little bit about the things I encounter that bother me. For instance, if I know Tiger's playing in a U. S. tournament, I probably will focus on the European Tour that week.

In any event, since Nolan's website is so pleasant, I'll continue to regularly visit it. You can too. Just click here: Golf Balls Don't Float.


Nolan Matthias said...

Hey Miranda,

Thank you for the kind compliment, and you commitment to my blog. I enjoy your regular commenting.


Golf Balls Don't Float

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