Thursday, February 26, 2009

Some Observations

I haven't been watching the Match Play event because it's 'All Tiger, All the Time: Part Deux or part 2400 if I knew what 2400 was in French" but I did check out the scores and here are some results that I noticed:

Obviously: Clark beats Woods
McIlroy beats Mahan
Donald beats Curtis
Els beats Stricker
O'Hair beats Weekley
Goggin beats Kenny Perry
Ross Fisher -I just like him and it's good to see him doing well
Oliver Wilson beats Anthony Kim

What do you notice about these observations? Except for the O'Hair and Fisher results, all of them are Euros/Internationals vs Americans. Yep. I'm still thinking Ryder Cup. And the O'Hair win? Well, it's good that someone beat Weekley after all of his showboating at the Ryder Cup last fall. And I've been a fan of Sean O'Hair's for a while.

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