Saturday, February 21, 2009

Johnnie Walker Classic

I had some time to check out the leaderboard and watch a little bit of this today. Apparently it's really hot down there - gee I feel bad for them. They can have the cold teens I experienced this morning when I went to the store. As for the leaderboard, John Bickerton and Ross McGowan (Not actress Rose McGowan) are in the lead at -14. Amateur Danny Lee is only 2 off the lead - for me this is not as exciting as it could be because he already plans to turn pro after he plays in the Masters (according to the announcers), so there isn't the excitement of what would he do if he won the tournament. Ignacio Garrido is the leading spaniard at -11. And the two Anthonys (Kang and Kim) had bad third rounds and are at -5. I feel bad for Kang, not so much for Kim.

And I heard that Camilo Villegas and Greg Norman missed the cut. Not a good start for Norman as he prepares for his return to the Masters. But then, I don't expect Norman to do well any way.

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