Sunday, May 10, 2009

Stenson Wins the Players

Henrik Stenson finished the tournament at -12, four shots ahead of Ian Poulter. Alex Cejka faded early in this final round.

Another good week for golf as someone out of the top two actually won.


Andy Brown of said...

I don’t how many people would have bet on that. To be honest, I had thought that Alex Cejka, despite having to play with Tiger Woods, would manage to hold on to his comfortable five-shot lead but he left nothing for the imagination, letting his game unravel before the chasing pack could even make that charge.

But, more importantly, there was still a part of me that said that if Cejka even fumbles one bit, it would be Tiger who would run away with it and I know there were many others who thought the same way. It was extraordinary that Woods never came into contention and in the end finished one over for the, seven behind Stenson. It was very very unlike Woods and I can’t even figure why that might have happened.

I think the most pertinent point was made by Poulter, who in his post-round comments said, “I thought that if I can finish ahead of Tiger, I had a good shot at winning the title.”

I guess everyone thought like that and while there is no doubt that Stenson’s remarkable 66 was worth lauding but Woods finishing so far back is still a mystery to me.

Miranda said...

I hope this helps put an end to the media's notion that everyone's afraid of Tiger and that's why no one but him wins. Two weeks in a row of poor play by him and add to that his Masters performance. Hopefully, the other golfers out there who are winning will get some respect now.

The Armchair Golfer said...

Stenson played one of the best final rounds in a big tournament in a long, long time.