Sunday, May 10, 2009

Feherty's Foot in Mouth Disease

According to this article I found on the Golf Channel website, David Feherty apparently made some inappropriate remarks regarding his perception of the troops' opinion of Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid in a Dallas magazine opinion piece he wrote.

I just have a few comments:

1. The Golf Channel article actually says "Feherty, a recovering alcoholic..." As if that had anything to do with his comments. The writer of this article was clearly trying to insert a little gossip. That seems a bit inappropriate in itself. Ten years from now are they going to refer to Kelly Tilghman as "Tilghman, who joked about lynching Tiger Woods..." Probably not.

2. The Dallas magazine should have read Feherty's piece before printing it and should have pointed out to him that he might not want to phrase his opinion in such a manner. It isn't censorship if you point out that you're calling US military personnel treasonists for suggesting they might want to kill Pelosi and Reid.

3. CBS got rid of Ben Wright for his comments about women. Wonder what they will do to Feherty. At least Feherty was smart enough to not include Obama in the elevator he wrote about. He'd definitely get fired over that. Obama's untouchable.

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