Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Another NGW (No Golf Week)

Well, I hear Tiger's playing this week at Arnold Palmer's tournament. That means I won't be watching Arnold Palmer's tournament. Can't watch the golf channel because they suck up to Tiger to the exclusion of all other golf news and notes. Granted, Johnny Miller doesn't suck up as much as other announcers, but neither can he completely ignore Tiger when he's in the field. So, NBC will have to talk about him too and show him on tv. I hope there's some Tennis or something on. Maybe a figure skating meet? I did buy the Robert Ludlum book, The Bourne Identity, tonight at the store. I've been in a mood to read spy thrillers lately. It's a big book, so I might have some of it left to read this weekend. I'm planning to get on my new mini-trampoline and work out this weekend. I heard on tv that 5 minutes of trampoline jumping is the same as a 15 minute walk. I can get a workout done in 1/3 the time on a trampoline. I've been working out on it for about three days now. I took today off just so I don't get bored with it too quickly.

The newest issue of Golf Magazine has Tiger on the cover in case you're interested. There's also interviews with Mark O'Meara and Zach Johnson in there - I think it's their Masters issue. And it seems like there are a lot more pages of ads in that issue. Gee, wonder why companies think that issue would be a big seller and want to advertise?

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Tony at said...

I have a fine line of Tiger tolerance. I'm a fan of him but I'm pretty sick of all the over-publicity. I want to see the best play, when he plays. I don't want to see him walking to the porta-potty.