Saturday, February 20, 2010

Need More Receivers

I need more satellite dish receivers in the house so I can record the Olympics on one, Top Gear on one and watch the Accenture World Matchplay. 4-5pm is going to be tough today. Top Gear vs Sergio. Maybe the local channel will help out by interrupting the golf to air some stupid basketball game. I think I might have to just write down the description of the Top Gear episode and then keep an eye out for a re-run later.


The UnGolf Pro Blogs said...

question? Does anyone want Sergio to win golf tournaments? Or are you as tire of his act as I am.

He lost 7 and 6 yesterday. I couldn't help but laugh.

Why am I so off Sergio? Because he thinks it is outside of him.

He thinks the powers that be are out ot get him.

That only makes me paranoid watching him.

Plus his putting stroke is awful.

Miranda said...

I think you may have missed the part of this blog where I proclaim loudly that I'm a big Sergio fan. So, I would answer your question with yes, I want Sergio to win and no I'm not tired of anything he does.