Sunday, February 21, 2010

Accenture Matchplay

I watched the final today between Ian Poulter and Paul Casey. It was a good final and had some great moments. The consolation match offered little consolation for Sergio as Camilo Villegas won. Some of the things I could have done without - the cold weather this morning. I don't want to see golfers wearing cold weather gloves while on the course. I could do without the desert. One of the reasons I started watching golf was all of the beautiful green grass on the courses.

Some may criticize Sergio for his lackluster performance in the last two matches he played. But, Paul Casey didn't blow anyone off the course in his last two matches either. Only they will know what happened in their matches though. Those of us watching on tv can only guess, and I prefer not to guess at all. Of course it could be said that Ian Poulter is just having a really, really great week. Nothing wrong with giving him his due.

The best statement of all coming out of this tournament is the fact that the top four players at the end of the week were all Non-Americans. Hopefully this is a good omen for the next Ryder Cup and the next Presidents' cup.

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