Saturday, February 27, 2010

A Criticism of NBC

I've been watching the Olympics these past couple of weeks and there's been plenty of opportunity to study the NBC coverage of sports and mainstream news. The biggest criticism I have is about the one story they didn't seem to cover at all. The death of actor Andrew Koenig in Vancouver. This happened right in NBC's current backyard and it seemed as though they completely ignored it. For days leading up to the announcement of the actor's death, his parents and friends were pleading with him to contact them. Perhaps if someone from, say a world-wide media powerhouse, would have focused on this story maybe it could have had a different ending. We will never have an answer to that.

Contrast the Koenig story with a story that broke a little over a week ago - that of Tiger Woods' announcement. For this story, NBC interrupted their Olympic coverage and continued rehashing the 'non-statement' for a couple of days afterward.

For centuries people have debated the question: How much is one man's life worth? According to NBC it seems to be not as much as one man's sex life.

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