Friday, January 08, 2010

Some Things Never Change

It may be a new year in golf, but unfortunately the announcers are still as annoying as ever. Rich Lerner is channeling Captain Kirk and using a lot of pauses to try to make his not so insightful feature spots more profound. I'd rather hear William Shatner do the golf commentary. Kelly Whatshername said last night that YE Yang took down Tiger for the 'first time ever' (referencing the PGA Championship). Gee, Tiger didn't have 100% win streak up to that point. I'd say there were plenty of people to best him over his career. I don't know why they were even talking about Tiger. He never plays in this event and should be a non-story this week.

One bright spot that needs mentioning: Angel Cabrera traveled something like 39 hours to get to Hawaii for this event. Bless his heart for making the trip when others would rather just extend their 'off season'.

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Patricia Hannigan said...

I agree about Angel Cabrerra. He seems to do things other would balk about and just take them in stride He's awesome!